• High performance backoffice integration systems, with more than 70 millions of dayly synchronizations and peaks over 100k synchronizations per minute.

  • Business logic microservices implementation. Integration against external systems via RESTful/SOAP.

  • Fun programming, basically. I don't like RoR stack. I prefer pure Ruby App + Rack + (Sinatra/Camping framework)

  • System isolation, and SaaS based on cloud solutions.

  • Key/Value store used as NoSQL data source. It also is used as a cache system.

  • Used as a integration middleware by messaging interchanging.

  • Distributed code repository.

  • System, apps, monitoring.

  • Project documentation.

  • Used to build a wrap over Gatling to automate the stress testing.

  • Stress loading testing tool.

  • Code repository.

  • Set envrionment variables for Docker containers's apps.

  • Os to run Docker containers.

  • Delivery/Deploy system.

  • Java entreprise application/microservices developement (DI, IoC, SpringBoot, SpringData)

  • JEE application development cycle management.