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Titus is a container management platform that provides scalable and reliable container execution and cloud-native integration with Amazon AWS. Titus was built internally at Netflix and is used in production to power Netflix streaming, recommendation, and content systems.

Titus's Features
  • A production ready container platform - Titus is run in production at Netflix, managing thousands of AWS EC2 instances and launching hundreds of thousands of containers daily for both batch and service workloads.
  • Cloud-native integrations with AWS - Titus integrates with AWS services, such as VPC networking, IAM and Security Group concepts, Application Load Balancing, and EC2 capacity management. These integrations enable many cloud services to work seamlessly with containers.
  • Netflix OSS integration - Titus works natively with many existing Netflix OSS projects, including Spinnaker, Eureka, Archaius, and Atlas among others.
  • Docker-native container execution - Titus can run images packaged as Docker containers while providing additional security and reliability around container execution.