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What is Toad DevOps Toolkit?

It makes it easy to integrate Oracle database change management into your DevOps workflow — without compromising quality, performance or reliability. Toad DevOps Toolkit works in conjunction with automation tools like Jenkins, Bamboo and Team Foundation Server to include database development and deployment steps as part of your existing CI/CD processes — removing the database bottleneck and speeding project completion.
Toad DevOps Toolkit is a tool in the DevOps Automation category of a tech stack.

Who uses Toad DevOps Toolkit?

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Toad DevOps Toolkit's Features

  • Faster DevOps pipeline
  • Better code quality
  • Choice of DevOps tools
  • Easy deployment

Toad DevOps Toolkit Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Toad DevOps Toolkit?
ApexSQL DevOps toolkit
It enables users to create flexible CI and CD pipelines with highly customizable pipeline steps. These steps include: Build, Populate, Audit, Document, Test, Review, Package, Schema sync, Data sync, Deploy, Notify and Publish.

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