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REST API for SaaS application

I'm currently developing an Azure Functions REST API with TypeScript, tsoa, Mongoose, and Typegoose that contains simple CRUD activities. It does the job and has type-safety as well as the ability to generate OpenAPI specs for me.

However, as the app scales up, there are more duplicated codes (for similar operations - like CRUD in each different model). It's also becoming more complex because I need to implement a multi-tenancy SaaS for both the API and the database.

So I chose to implement a repository pattern, and I have a "feeling" that .NET and C# will make development easier because, unlike TypeScript, it includes native support for Dependency Injection and great things like LINQ.

It wouldn't take much effort to migrate because I can easily translate interfaces and basic CRUD operations to C#. So, I'm looking for advice on whether it's worth converting from TypeScript to.NET.

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