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I use Laravel because it's the most advances PHP framework out there, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade and most of all : easy to get a handle on, and to follow every new technology ! PhpStorm is our main software to code, as of simplicity and full range of tools for a modern application.

Google Analytics Analytics of course for a tailored analytics, Bulma as an innovative CSS framework, coupled with our Sass (Scss) pre-processor.

As of more basic stuff, we use HTML5, JavaScript (but with Vue.js too) and Webpack to handle the generation of all this.

To deploy, we set up Buddy to easily send the updates on our nginx / Ubuntu server, where it will connect to our GitHub Git private repository, pull and do all the operations needed with Deployer .

CloudFlare ensure the rapidity of distribution of our content, and Let's Encrypt the https certificate that is more than necessary when we'll want to sell some products with our Stripe api calls.

Asana is here to let us list all the functionalities, possibilities and ideas we want to implement.

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Decision about Buddy

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We use Buddy because it's extremely easy to start working with, because of the powerful GUI which let you configure pipeline in minutes, but also let you switch to the YAML based pipeline, and have full control over your pipeline and deploy cycle. I also appreciate the support by the Buddy team, they are an extraordinary focused team, which are able to act and think as a developer, and this is extremely important!

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When I first built my portfolio I used GitHub for the source control and deployed directly to Netlify on a push to master. This was a perfect setup, I didn't need any knowledge about #DevOps or anything, it was all just done for me.

One of the issues I had with Netlify was I wanted to gzip my JavaScript files, I had this setup in my #Webpack file, however Netlify didn't offer an easy way to set this.

Over the weekend I decided I wanted to know more about how #DevOps worked so I decided to switch from Netlify to Amazon S3. Instead of creating any #Git Webhooks I decided to use Buddy for my pipeline and to run commands. Buddy is a fantastic tool, very easy to setup builds, copying the files to my Amazon S3 bucket, then running some #AWS console commands to set the content-encoding of the JavaScript files. - Buddy is also free if you only have a few pipelines, so I didn't need to pay anything 🤙🏻.

When I made these changes I also wanted to monitor my code, and make sure I was keeping up with the best practices so I implemented Code Climate to look over my code and tell me where there code smells, issues, and other issues I've been super happy with it so far, on the free tier so its also free.

I did plan on using Amazon CloudFront for my SSL and cacheing, however it was overly complex to setup and it costs money. So I decided to go with the free tier of CloudFlare and it is amazing, best choice I've made for caching / SSL in a long time.

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Decision about Buddy

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I use Buddy because I don't have time to do things manually as I did a decade ago. I have more work, more clients, more responsibilities because Buddy takes out the wasted time doing manual tasks. Don't work like its 2008. Work like its 3018!

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Decision at Samosprava about CircleCI, Buddy

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I started my continuous intagration with Buddy. This is very good tool to start with. Easy configuration, many options and integrations, everything configurable via web page interface. My build proccess was configured in few minutes. Then I tried CircleCI and I like it. After you read documentation, it is easy to configure. Builds are faster. I can store/share artifacts, test result. Build wolkflow description is stored in repository. Now I prefer to use CircleCI

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Decision about Buddy

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I use Buddy because it has awesome GUI and integration. You don't need to be DevOps expert or know YML and stuffs to set up your CI/CD pipeline. One of the best UI/UX I have found on any developer tools products.

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Decision about Amazon S3, Buddy, Netlify

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So if you look through my decisions you will see I recently wrote a decision about moving from Netlify to Buddy and Amazon S3.

I want to write another decision saying that I tried this out and actually moved back to Netlify. Buddy was great until they deleted my account and all my pipelines I setup without warning me because I didn't login for a month.

Netlify is amazing and way easier to setup, support is great and they have so many amazing options... I did learn things about Amazon S3 by moving over to there but I'm sticking with Netlify for the long run now.

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Decision at WeWebDesk about Buddy

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We are using Buddy for a while, and was one of the best decisions from our CI/CD. We decrease our deployment time to less than a minute! Buddy is a very effective tool, very easy to use, with tons of integrations. We love Buddy!!

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Decision about Buddy

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I've been using Buddy extensively during the last year while I was working as CTO in a web agency. Because of the nature of the business, we had projects of all kinds with a big assortment of technologies involved and different delivery platforms. Once we hooked it up to our internal Bitbucket system, we managed to streamline and automate the delivery for more than 35 projects, each one with its own pipelines for building and delivering the software in staging and production environments. Useless to say the tool allowed us to save a huge amount of time and it worked flawlessly on all occasions. I'm a big fan of Buddy, I could not recommend it more and I try to expand the knowledge about this great tool around as much as I can.

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