GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions

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I am in the process of evaluating CircleCI,, and Github Actions to cover my #CI/ CD needs. I would appreciate your advice on comparative study w.r.t. attributes like language-Inclusive support, code-base integration, performance, cost, maintenance, support, ease of use, ability to deal with big projects, etc. based on actual industry experience.

Thanks in advance!

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GitHub ActionsGitHub Actions

Hello Everyone, Can some please help me to understand the difference between GitHub Actions And GitLab I have been trying to understand them, but still did not get how exactly they are different.

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GitHub Actions is a convenient way for us to implement CI/CD for our project since we are already using GitHub for version control. Having both functionalities on the same platform will make the process more simple. Actions is also easy to setup and supports a wide variety of tech stacks.

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I have created a SaaS application. 1 backend service and 2 frontend services, all 3 run on different ports. I am using Amazon ECR images to deploy them on the EC2 server. My code is on GitHub. I want to automate this deployment process. How can I do this, and What tech stack should I use? It should be in sync with what I am currently using. On merge to master, it should build push the image to ECR and then later deploy again in the EC2 with the latest image. Maybe GitHub Actions or AWS CodePipeline would be ideal. Thanks, Shubham

Shubham Chadokar (
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