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Decision at ShadowICT about InfluxDB

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We use InfluxDB as a store for our data that gets fed into Grafana. It's ideal for this as it's a lightweight storage engine that can be modified on the fly by scripts without having to log into the server itself and manage tables. The HTTP API also makes it ideal for integrating with frontend services. InfluxDB

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Decision about InfluxDB

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InfluxDB ingests information from various sources (mostly Telegraf instances) into one place for monitoring purposes. InfluxDB

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Decision at Kalibrr about InfluxDB

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Server and application metrics are all stored in InfluxDB for capacity planning and anomaly detection. InfluxDB

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Decision at Goyoboard about InfluxDB

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To track time-series of course, utilizing few retention rules and continuous queries to keep time-series data fast and maintanable InfluxDB

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Decision at PingBreak about InfluxDB

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We use InfluxDB because we need to store time series data for scan history. It's very simple to use and it's perfect to store value on event (on datetime).

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