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Decision at StackShare about Markdown, GitHub, Trello, JIRA, Startup, Kanban, StackDecisionsLaunch, Massive, TrelloPowerUps, StoryPoints, Agile

Avatar of johnnyxbell
Sr. Software Engineer at StackShare

So I am a huge fan of JIRA like #massive I used it for many many years, and really loved it, used it personally and at work. I would suggest every new workplace that I worked at to switch to JIRA instead of what I was using.

When I started at #StackShare we were using a Trello #Kanban board and I was so shocked at how easy the workflow was to follow, create new tasks and get tasks QA'd and deployed. What was so great about this was it didn't come with all the complexity of JIRA. Like setting up a project, user rules etc. You are able to hit the ground running with Trello and get tasks started right away without being overwhelmed with the complexity of options in JIRA

With a few TrelloPowerUps we were easily able to add GitHub integration and storyPoints to our cards and thats all we needed to get a really nice agile workflow going.

I'm not saying that JIRA is not useful, I can see larger companies being able to use the JIRA features and have the time to go through all the complex setup to get a really good workflow going. But for smaller #Startups that want to hit the ground running Trello for me is the way to go.

In saying that what I would love Trello to implement is to allow me to create custom fields. Right now we just have a Description field. So I am adding User Stories & How To Test in the Markdown of the Description if I could have these as custom fields then my #Agile workflow would be complete.


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Decision at StackShare about JIRA, Asana, Basecamp, Trello, Kanban

Avatar of legosystem

There are lots of project management tools available nowadays. The choice ended up between Trello and Basecamp. Asana , JIRA and monday.com got a fair review but they didn't make it to the final list for several reasons (either way to complex or some UX issues or just too many options - good in some cases but not a good fit in this case).

Between Basecamp and Trello the battle was between ease of use and price. Basecamp packs a great set of features and if you are ready to move to an all in one solution: chat, file storage, and a PM tool, then @basecanp is by far the right choice. But since all the features are within one package that cannot be customized, moving to Basecamp but only using a part of the tool feels.. well.. not right. On the other hand Trello has the #kanban format that is just too easy to use and the price point for small and midsize team that no one can beat.

At the end, all solutions have a good fit in some cases. A better fit. But I think Trello can do the job in any case - it can fit with any scenario.

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Decision at Storm8 about JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, ProjectManagement, AgileProjectManagement, IssueTracking, Collaboration

Avatar of nasserkhan
Product Manager at StackShare
Pivotal TrackerPivotal Tracker

Over time, as our teams became bigger and projects became more complex, we started to take agile processes more seriously and wanted more advanced (by our standards) project management abilities, like burndown charts, velocity tracking, etc. We also wanted to handle a lot of content management tasks that were primarily done by non-technical teams but often touched engineering.

After using Pivotal Tracker and Wrike, JIRA ended up being the right choice for us. Its design was flexible enough to do engineering project management, content management and other tasks like product roadmapping effectively. It had all the bells and whistles we wanted (plus many more we never got around to using). Given that it is a flexible service that tries to do everything, it is ideal for a team that can 1) dedicate significant bandwidth to upfront setup and organization and 2) empower admins to establish and enforce best practices among team members.

#Collaboration #IssueTracking #AgileProjectManagement #ProjectManagement

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Decision at Kong about JIRA, Trello

Avatar of judithpatudith
Developer Marketing Manager at Kong

On the marketing team at Kong, we use Trello for tracking our tasks. Other teams use JIRA but we don't need to do any storypoint estimation and don't really operate in sprints, so we find it to be a bit of overkill. Trello has easy-to-configure integrations with most of the tools we use, and a great mobile app which makes it easy to add things to to-do lists even when we aren't in front of our computers. If there's one thing I would add to Trello it would be some kind of time tracking to help us stay focused and to be able to look back on tasks and see how long each one took. It would also be nice if there were an epic equivalent so that we could group cards into projects, but this can sort of be hacked around using lables. Over all we're pretty happy with Trello! Would recommend!

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