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We undertook the task of building a manufacturing ERP for small branded manufacturers. We needed to build a lot, fast with a small team, and have clear focus on product delivery. We chose JavaScript / Node.js ( React + LoopBack full stack) , Heroku and Heroku Postgres (also Heroku Redis ) . This decision has guided us to picking other key technologies. It has granted us high pace of product delivery and service availability while operating with a small team.

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We inherited this project and the backend is using LoopBack v3. I haven't taken a look at Loopback.io v4, but I'm planning to replace it. The reason being is that Loopback v3 documentation is a bit confusing and we are having trouble packaging the build using Webpack. Not to mention, integrating unit tests (latest Jest).

I still think Loopback is a great tool, but their documentation is really "messy" and hard to navigate through. There's also a constraint of time from our side. So what's the best option out there?

Should I try upgrading to Loopback v4, or trying other stuff? (i.e. NestJS)


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As part of a new service we planned, we decided to choose Loopback v3 and v4 as POC and it was a nightmare.

After 2 weeks of fighting with the loopback framework and try to understand the documentation, we decided to search for other frameworks, we tried Adonis, Hapi, and many more.

After about a month of multiple POCs (I guess we had too much free time and we wanted something for the long run), we came across Nestjs when it was version 4 or 5 I think and it was great, we started to promote this framework within the company and we are using this framework in multiple new services in high scale and it works great! Super flexible and full express or fastify support.

It has monorepo support and I'm personally using it with NX for monorepo (Nx, terraform and nestjs with typeorm)

It's not yet perfect but has a great community and its expanding pretty nice :)

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Loopback 4 allows you to modify every detail in the source code. Not like v3, you have to follow the hook and I admit that v3 has messy documentation. I think because they are developing too fast to care about the document. However, when I move to v4, actually if you are familiar with v3, it will be easy for you to use v4. And final points, you have to have knowledge about IoC to understand its concept.

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Most of the backend components built with Moleculer which gives us great flexibility to scale and isolate modules.

The best feature in LoopBack is written in TypeScript and super organized but not MicroServices by design.

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