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What is Toybox?

Suggest and share changes to the styles and copy of your website in one workspace.

Toybox is a tool in the Visual Collaboration category of a tech stack.

Why people like Toybox

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Toybox.

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Toybox's Features

  • CAPTURE YOUR PRODUCT. - Toybox captures any web page - not just a screenshot of one. With one-click, we pull in every HTML and CSS element (whether it's live in production or on a local branch) and re-render your page in Toybox. Gain visibility into what's being developed before it reaches your users.
  • TWEAK ANYTHING - Toybox gives you the ability see how tiny tweaks to your product can make all the difference. Anyone on your team (designers, copywriters, product managers) can now make changes to the copy, spacing, type styles, colors etc. without having to speak code. Share visual changes with your teammates and hear their feedback.
  • COLLABORATE & COMMUNICATE - Whether you're a freelancer, at an agency, or on a design team within a large organization, share and gather feedback from every stakeholder.
  • TRACK PRODUCT EVOLUTION. - Keep a running history of your site. We store every edit, comment, and capture - allowing you to view what's been changed over time.
  • INTEGRATE SEAMLESSLY - Integrate with your existing project management and collaboration tools. Let everyone know when an edit has been made without having to ping them.

Toybox's alternatives

  • Assemblage - Powerful visual collaboration tool
  • TrackDuck - Visual feedback for websites and designs
  • Conceptboard - Instant Whiteboards for Teams & Projects
  • Cage - A simple way for designers and teams to share, manage and approve their creative work.
  • Notable - Better interfaces through faster iteration

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