Hi, Stackshare community. A few friends and I are enrolled in an "appathon". We are given +- a month to develop an app. We chose the agricultural sector. We want to develop an app that can keep track of livestock vaccinations. So we would have to utilize quite a big database. We only have a month to develop a Minimal Viable Product. What stack is preferred? Our JavaScript skills aren't the best. We do know Java and Python quite well, however. What stack would benefit us?

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I think you should go with Flutter any day because there is a large variety of widgets inventory for it which can fasten up the development time to at least roll out a minimal viable product out there. Performance of Flutter Apps are also better than React Native apps. And as an added bonus, if in future you want to add a web interface for the same, you can do it using the existing codebase if written in Flutter (dart).

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Ricardo Boss
Ricardo Boss
July 6th 2021 at 8:54PM

I completely agree with this. Just wanted to add that Dart (the language used by flutter) and the design paradigm (fully functional) can be hard at first. Once you tinker with it you can almost create any prototype in no time.

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