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Auto all-in-one tool for email deliverability to make your Email Channel Reliable.
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What is Warmy?

It is an all-in-one tool for email deliverability to make your Email Channel Reliable. It raises your sender reputation by interacting with real people in any language and helps you to hit the inbox of your prospect. Full automation.
Warmy is a tool in the Email Deliverability category of a tech stack.

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Warmy Integrations

Gmail, Mailchimp, Twilio SendGrid, HubSpot, and Amazon SES are some of the popular tools that integrate with Warmy. Here's a list of all 14 tools that integrate with Warmy.

Warmy's Features

  • Set and forget
  • Full progress monitoring
  • Perfect email activity
  • Placement tests to check the behavior with other email providers
  • A dedicated dashboard for your whole team
  • Any message that is sent with Warmy is fully personalized
  • Any message in your spam folder will be pulled, opened and marked as important, and your reputation will rise dramatically
  • Warmy helps you warm up any major email provider. Gmail, Gsuite, Google WorkSpace, Microsoft 365, Outlook, Zoho, Yahoo, Sendgrid, Amazon SES, Mailgun, iCloud, AOL mail, Yandex, SendinBlue, and even custom SMTP
  • Regular mailbox health check - Warmy checks the blacklists and the settings of your mailbox and domain (SPF, DKIM, DMARC).

Warmy Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Warmy?
It is a free and open-source mail transfer agent that routes and delivers electronic mail. It is Wietse Venema's mail server that started life at IBM research as an alternative to the widely-used Sendmail program. Now at Google, Wietse continues to support it.
It is an open source IMAP and POP3 email server for Linux/UNIX-like systems, written with security primarily in mind. It is an excellent choice for both small and large installations. It's fast, simple to set up, requires no special administration and it uses very little memory.
250ok is an email deliverability tools company that produces a Software‐as‐a‐Service (“SaaS”) platform to monitor and measure the deliverability of email networks. These networks consist of companies sending various forms of messages including marketing, transactional, share, and others from various platforms.
It adds scheduled sending and the easiest, most integrated email reminders to Gmail, helping you reach Inbox Zero.
It helps build lasting business relationships, right from your inbox. A sales engagement platform designed for sales professionals and account managers.
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