Watchsend records video of your users interacting with your app.
Why people like Watchsend
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Understand your users better by watching videos of how they use your app

Watchsend's Features
  • Ultra-low Bandwidth & CPU- Watchsend uses less than 1MB per minute of recorded video, won't slow down your app, and doesn't impair battery life.
  • Privacy First- You can choose to hide sensitive information, only record certain sections of your app, or even pixelate out all text entirely.
  • Video crash reports- Watchsend can upload videos every time your app crashes, so you get to see exactly how to reproduce every crash in your app.
  • Beta testing- See exactly how your users are actually using that new feature you pushed last week.
  • Automatic Events- Watchsend automatically records and groups every screen viewed, button pressed, and action taken, so you can filter your recordings and look at exactly what matters.
  • Tag Sessions and Devices- Attach tags to any recording session or device in your code. View, search, and filter by tags later.
  • See Where They Touch- We track wherever your users' fingers touch the screen and display them in recordings.