Lightweight Python web framework compatible with Google App Engine’s webapp
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webapp2 is a simple. it follows the simplicity of webapp, but improves it in some ways: it adds better URI routing and exception handling, a full featured response object and a more flexible dispatching mechanism.

webapp2's Features
  • Compatible with webapp
  • Compatible with latest WebOb
  • Full-featured response object
  • Status code exceptions
  • Improved exception handling
  • Lazy handlers
  • Keyword arguments from URI
  • Positional arguments from URI
  • Returned responses
  • Custom handler methods
  • View functions
  • More flexible dispatching mechanism
  • Domain and subdomain routing
  • Match HTTP methods or URI schemes
  • URI builder
  • Redirection for legacy URIs
  • Simple, well-tested and documented
  • Independent of the App Engine SDK
  • Future proof
  • Same performance
  • Extras