11/16/2017 Realtime Code Collaboration from Microsoft & GitHub, mobile UI kits for React Native & Bootstrap
11/11/2017 How Sentry Receives 20 Billion Events Per Month
11/04/2017 Machine Learning tools, Docker Hosting, a Python App Builder, and a Private Google Docs Alternative
10/27/2017 React Visualizer, The New Sidekiq, a Slack CLI, and Google Firestore UI
10/19/2017 The React Story: How Facebook's Instagram Acquisition Led To The Open Sourcing of React.js
10/13/2017 Deep Learning from AWS & Microsoft, React and React Native tools, PDF and Screenshots APIs
10/06/2017 Cloud Firestone, IoT Core, Draggable JS by Shopify, new text editors, and iOS/Android tools
09/28/2017 How Stitch Consolidates Billions of Records, plus Cloudflare, Google Cloud, Git, secrets management, and a big data tool
09/22/2017 DigitalOcean Object Storage, Keybase + Slack, Slack + Emacs, and structured log data as a Service
09/15/2017 Facebook & GitHub's Atom IDE, Nginx Unit, new tools for Slack and Sketch, and Mozilla's new open source commenting system
09/08/2017 Evenbrite's Front-End Stack, a headless Chrome API, and GitHub mobile apps
09/01/2017 Kafka & Kubernetes tools from Pinterest and Confluent, plus a new tool from Ionic and a Rails starter kit
08/25/2017 Code reviews as a Service, NLP APIs, an IDE powered by Neovim, and new AWS tools
08/18/2017 Stack News Improvements + Article Reader
08/11/2017 Speech recognition API, GraphQL CMS, online code editors, and cross-platform desktop apps
08/04/2017 Low-cost Lambda, one click containers on Azure, a new UI Kit by Framer
07/28/2017 How To Scale To 350M File Requests Per Day, plus new deep learning tools, database tools, and Chromeless
07/21/2017 8 New Tools for Git and GitHub
07/13/2017 How CircleCI Scaled To 4.5M Builds, plus Git for designers, chatbot platforms, and React/React Native tools
07/07/2017 Three new container tools from Oracle, a distributed SQLite, and a Haskell implementation of Elm
06/30/2017 Lamdanative, Serverless Kubernetes, RocketMQ, PostgreSQL + RabbitMQ
06/23/2017 TechCrunch'd, Top 10 Tools of the Month, Keeping AWS secrets secret with ECS
06/16/2017 Dev Tools Roundup #1, Server-Side Dart, an IDE for D3, and a new AWS Service for IoT
06/09/2017 OSS for Kubernetes, Docker, and React Native from Microsoft, Facebook, and Dollar Shave Club
06/02/2017 May Tech Stack Roundup, new tools from Coinbase, Shopify, Twilio and IBM + Google + Lyft
05/25/2017 Introducing Stack News
05/19/2017 Build web apps with no code, open source BI tools, SQL for your OS, and a new KV store
05/12/2017 Open source GPU-powered DB, new Azure DBaaS, React + d3, and a lightweight Electron
05/05/2017 Tech Stack Roundup #3, tools from Facebook and GitHub, and another open source Slack
04/28/2017 Airbnb's React Sketch app, Headless Chrome on AWS Lambda, and open source alternatives to SendGrid and Disqus
04/21/2017 New Tools from F8, DockerCon, and AWS Summit
04/14/2017 React Material Design, Eventbrite's D3 lib, and Android in a Box
04/07/2017 Tech Stack Roundup #2, plus new services from Twilio, DigitalOcean, and Google
03/30/2017 Algolia's 21B Query Tech Stack, plus new Git tools, a container monitoring CLI, and a spreadsheet db
03/24/2017 GitLab login, plus a test/mocking framework for AWS, and machine learning powered log analytics
03/17/2017 React Native and Google Cloud
03/09/2017 How Opendoor Scaled To $1B, plus React and container tools from the NFL and Google
03/03/2017 Introducing Tech Stack Roundup, Plus OSS from Facebook, Netflix, and Dropbox
02/24/2017 Deep learning tools, DigitalOcean Load Balancer, and an AWS CLI tool
02/17/2017 Google Analytics releases an open source lib, S3 Lambda, and another open source password manager
02/10/2017 Docker secrets management, plus new open source tools from Microsoft and Facebook
02/03/2017 Serverless Functions as a Service, Airbnb's mobile animation lib, and a React Native UI kit
01/27/2017 React Navigation, a React rendering engine from Alibaba, a macOS app for GH Issues, and more
01/20/2017 How Shippo Versions Their APIs, Yahoo open sources their CI system, and a tool to build Node.js backends with Webpack
01/13/2017 The wordpress of bots, Spacemacs for Vim, Rust + Emacs, manage GitHub releases via CLI, and more
01/05/2017 Top 50 Developer Tools of 2016
12/30/2016 Gitql - a Git query language, Webpacker for Rails, a web framework for Rust, and GitHub management tools
12/23/2016 Jenkins UI gets a facelift, a self-hosted PagerDuty, a replacement for Wit.ai, and a Material component framework for Vue.js
12/16/2016 How Flexport Moves Over $1B In Merchandise, Stack Match Updates, and new tools from Shopify, Netflix, and Expedia
12/09/2016 Introducing Bitbucket Login, Plus New Serverless Tools and JS UI Libraries
12/02/2016 10 new AWS offerings you can deploy now, plus two open source tools for AWS
11/28/2016 An early gift for developers
11/18/2016 A React kit from Palantir, instant 2FA, and Amazon's new BI service
11/11/2016 Attack of the Bots, Part 2: 9 more tools to help you build a chatbot
11/04/2016 Simple Docker UI, a new programming language, Microsoft's Slack competitor, and terminal sharing in seconds
10/28/2016 How To Go From SaaS To On-Prem In Less Than 1 Week, plus new JavaScript tools for React, Java, and Tesseract
10/21/2016 Introducing Stack Stories - Episode 1: How HotelTonight Went From MVP To IPO
10/13/2016 Introducing Stack Match - the best way for engineers to find your jobs
10/07/2016 Analytics for your bots, a GUI for Elasticseach, and automated code review for GitHub
09/30/2016 Open source tools from Spotify, Etsy, Palantir, plus a tool for writing iOS & Android apps w/React Native