02/15/2024 Anyscale, Svelte Native, CoreWeave, Log 10, and more
02/08/2024 LangGraph, Guardrails AI, PromptLayer, Waku, Rebuff, and more
02/01/2024 The Best Developer Tools of 2023
01/25/2024 Unstructured, Portkey, Diversion, Vectara, Autoblocks, and more
01/11/2024 Dokemon, llmware, Inbox Zero, AI Gateway, Polar, and more
01/04/2024 SkyPilot, Dolphin LLMs, Samantha, AgentSearch, Heynote, and more
12/14/2023 AIConsole, Llamafile, DevPilot, DeepSeek LLM, and more
12/07/2023 LM Studio, LangStream, Deepchecks, and more
11/23/2023 LangKit, Screenshot to Code, GPT Crawler, River, and more
11/16/2023 OpenGPTs, LLM Guard, Prompt Flow, Keep React, and more
11/09/2023 Gen AI Stack (by Docker), Inshellisense & AutoGen (by Microsoft), and more
09/28/2023 Open-source AI Copilot, stacked diffs on GH, Postgres to SQLite, AI code search
07/27/2023 LLM Engine, Generative Models, ChatHub, WordPress Playground, and more
07/20/2023 FinGPT, MetaGPT, Aegis, h2oGPT, and more
07/13/2023 GPT-Migrate, InternLM, Poozle, and more
07/06/2023 AnythingLLM, Gitopia, GitLab's CoPilot, and more
06/22/2023 OpenLLM, Vercel AI, Openjob, Chat Thing, and more
06/08/2023 SuperAGI, Scikit-LLM, OpenChat, Plane, and more
06/01/2023 Cody AI, Psychic, Flowise, PentestGPT, LocalAI, and more
05/25/2023 OSS alternative to copilot CLI, GPT on phones, text to beautiful charts, and more
05/18/2023 8 new AI tools + a new package manager from the creator of Flask
05/04/2023 Vercel KV & Postgres, Web LLM, KV.JS, Featurevisor, and more
04/27/2023 15 new LLM/GPT tools and services
04/20/2023 An LLM playground on your laptop, Buck2 (by Facebook), and ChatGPT + Emacs
04/13/2023 Self-hosted GitHub Copilot, Backend as a Service for LLM apps, and a powerful AI editor
02/23/2023 AI-generated backend, static CMS for Next.js, real-time events for Postgres
02/16/2023 HashiCorp's 2 new projects, another OSS alternative to Zapier, and more
02/09/2023 Deploy button for GPT-3, Next.js building blocks, and IaC tests
02/02/2023 Twilio, NGINX, Figma, Astro, Grafana, and 95 other top tools of 2022
01/19/2023 IcePanel, Adrenaline, Sveltos, Conveyor, APITable, and more
01/05/2023 Sailboat UI, Snaplet, Clay, Mafs, microfeed, and more
12/29/2022 New open source ChatGPT tools, plus ML tools from AWS and Alibaba
12/22/2022 ChatGPT for VSCode, OpenNext, AWS' Hardeneks, Pynecone, and more
12/15/2022 Patterns, Monoid, Airplane, Extism, and more
12/08/2022 8 new services from AWS re:Invent 2022
12/01/2022 LinkedIn & Microsoft's open source ML and big data tools
11/17/2022 Facebook's new version control system, open source low code platforms, and dev envs as a Service
11/10/2022 SuperTokens, Slashbase, Lotus, Grafana Phlare, and more
10/20/2022 Mint, FrankenPHP, Graphul, Metlo, and Histoire
10/13/2022 A GPT-3 website builder, Postgres in your browser, and a viz tool for Kafka
10/06/2022 Google's vulnerabilities db, Cloudflare's CAPTCHA alternative, and more
09/29/2022 OpenAI's speech recognition tool, Cloudflare's workers runtime, and an open source Bitly
09/22/2022 CloudFox, Constellation, WunderBase, MemLab, and more
09/15/2022 Open source tools from Microsoft and ByteDance (TikTok), plus tools for Kafka & Docker
09/08/2022 Openship, SideGuide, Pipebird, subZero, and more
09/01/2022 Sidekick, Parseable, Sematic, Jetpack Devbox, FRPC, and more
08/25/2022 Flamethrower, SurrealDB, Flet, MerLoc, Maps.earth, and more
08/18/2022 Wolfia, Convex, AccessOwl, FastPage, and more
08/11/2022 Matano, Superblocks, GraphQL Armor, Affine, Dropshots, and more
08/04/2022 Postman + GraphQL = Graphman, a Sidekiq for Clojure, and an open source Typeform
07/28/2022 EasyNLP. SecretFlow, Lotion, Scribe, ClientDB, and more
07/21/2022 Open source tools from Shopify, AWS, Mozilla, and more
07/14/2022 StoneDB, PocketBase, Mage.ai, Prostgles, and more
07/07/2022 Postgres on K8s, better code review for GitHub, Laravel's code style fixer, and more
06/30/2022 OpsFlow, ReadySet, Furiko, JIT.io, CeresDB, Fresh Framework, and more
06/23/2022 ByteDance/TikTok's Go microservice framework, Git-powered blogging, and incident management in Slack
06/16/2022 Reposaur, OpenCost, NocoBase, Keploy, Plasmo, DataStation, and Minos
06/09/2022 PostgresML, Container Canary (by NVIDIA), Dragonfly, GitNoter, and more
06/02/2022 DigitalOcean Functions, Nginx Proxy Manager, Dart Frog, Clusterpedia, and more
05/26/2022 Zitadel, Objectiv, KubeOrbit, Multy, and more
05/19/2022 Stripe's Markdown framework, Tencent's code analysis tool, and K8s access management
05/12/2022 A db for observability, an RPC framework for Svelte, a no code Git-based editor, and more
05/05/2022 Koordinator, Joyride, RisingWave, Replibyte, TinyBase, and more
04/28/2022 Containers for ML, a fast Rust build tool, and a GraphQL query tracing tool
04/21/2022 StackRox, ValidKube, Cherrybomb, LowCodeEngine, Zaplib, and more
04/14/2022 Grafana Mimir, Svend3r, MetricFlow, Kukkee, and more
04/07/2022 A Rust-based terminal, a devkit for CI/CD pipelines, a collaborative API dev env, and more
03/31/2022 A Rust UI lib, virtual CSS language, and Microsoft's CSS-in-JS
03/24/2022 AgnosticUI, BoxyHQ, Livedocs, Femas, PropelAuth, and more
03/17/2022 Graphsignal, Dockerized, Hubfs, Kable, and more
03/10/2022 ML as a Service, a Swiss Army knife for devs, and open source observability
03/03/2022 Hydra, Deepfence, Halfmoon, Convoy, Turborepo, and more
02/24/2022 Observability for metrics via SQL, a GraphQL client, and Webhooks as a Service
02/17/2022 Rustpad, Deepchecks, Databend, KubeVela, and more
02/10/2022 An open source Retool, Tailwind CSS emails, a Django microframework, and more
01/27/2022 Reducing K8s C02, making the CLI glamorous, a better SQL from Looker, and more
01/20/2022 Didi's monitoring system, Go static code analysis, and a new developer-friendly cloud platform
01/13/2022 BookStack, Medusa, Budibase, Mantine, and more
01/06/2022 Cloudkeeper, Slidev, Uptime Kuma, NvChad, Astro, and Lumeland Lume
12/30/2021 An immutable database, reverse-ETL platform, and distributed tracing with ClickHouse
12/23/2021 Trilogy (by GitHub), BlazingDocs, FlutterFlow, Lapce, and Uniform CSS
12/16/2021 An alternative to Elasticsearch, Tailwind CSS for PHP, a GitHub deployment system, and a UI for Firestore
12/09/2021 Tools for K8s & .NET by AWS, open source docs w/0 config, and an intelligent linter
12/02/2021 Webhooks as a Service, Bytedance's serialization lib, and a K8s scheduler
11/25/2021 KubeScrape, Kr8s, React Location, Zero, Privateer, and more
11/18/2021 An open source Notion, minimum viable backend, and Datadog for data
11/11/2021 GraphQL API for AWS, Shopify's React framework, and Amazon's Swift framework & time-series viz library
11/04/2021 An open-source MongoDB alternative, a PostgreSQL extension for json objects, smoking hot notifications for React
10/28/2021 K8s manifests in JS, VS Code in the browser, and an ML framework from Salesforce
10/21/2021 Create Go App, Esbuild, Flowbite, Vizzu, FigmaOP, Crane
10/14/2021 Open source alternatives to Google Analytics, traverse your React app in VS Code, and a db for ML
10/07/2021 Kanban for Pull Requests, Docker/K8s on MacOS, open source alternatives to Airtable and Storybook
09/30/2021 Tools for AWS, Kafka, VS Code, GitHub, Google Cloud functions, and more
09/23/2021 Flamelink, FactorJS, Hippo, Screenshotbot, Tailwind Mobile, and more
09/16/2021 An open source Discord plus K8s tools for hardening, workflows, and managing pods
09/09/2021 8 Dev Tools from Y Combinator's Summer 21 Demo Day
09/02/2021 Manage static sites in VS Code, an intelligent coding companion, and a web framework for data analysts
08/26/2021 SigmaOS, Pop.com, LemonadeJS, Cloudback, EmailEngine and more
08/19/2021 Native apps with no code, a Vim web browser, burst cloud servers
08/12/2021 GitDock, CachiQL, Helios.io, Hookdeck, MLCraft, and more
08/05/2021 A terminal dashboard for K8s, semantic grep for code, and a GitHub/GitLab alternative
07/29/2021 Minimal K8s and Vue.js libs, GraphQL plugins, and ChatOps as a Service
07/22/2021 OpenAPI + Postman, automated rebasing & merging, and JetBrains' code review tool
07/15/2021 Track and debug ML models in prod, a fork of Phabricator, and Algolia's recommendation API
07/08/2021 An open source Discord, deploy AWS Lambda functions easily, and replace K8s YAML with Go
07/01/2021 GitHub Copilot, DigitalOcean Managed MongoDB, Hyperform, Mumble, git-branchless
06/24/2021 Open source tools from Facebook, Microsoft, and Pinterest
06/17/2021 No-code builder for React, a Postgres extension by Alibaba, and open source website monitoring
06/10/2021 Rapid GraphQL iteration, an open source alternative to Retool, and Million.js
06/03/2021 An open source Airtable, mini MongoDBs, and a shell script tool from Google
05/27/2021 Autocomplete for the Terminal, a SQL linter, and LinkedIn's ML forecasting lib
05/20/2021 AWS SaaS Boost, GUIs for Redis and Firestore, and a one-stop shop for your data pipeline
05/13/2021 RonDB, Crossbar.io, Smithy, Jina, Rome, Nacos, Data Profiler
05/06/2021 GitHub's Web Components, Instagram's fork of CPython, and a search engine for devs
04/29/2021 Tailwind CSS + Material Design, an iOS Git client/text editor, and an open source commenting system
04/22/2021 An open source Calendly, 1Password Secrets Automation, and K8s via SQL
04/15/2021 AWS' Elasticsearch fork, Grammarly for code, and GraphQL for Airtable
04/08/2021 API client for VS Code, serverless ML API, a terminal UI designer, and static API docs
04/01/2021 2 open source Heroku alternatives, a code search from Mattermost, and VS Code themes
03/25/2021 hdoc, Microsoft Power Fx, Kitemaker, goober, Tailwindcss JIT, GitSense
03/18/2021 Instant infra for ML, note-taking in VS Code, and a dev workspace platform
03/11/2021 Runops, Endgame, June, Segments.ai, Rows, and more
03/04/2021 K8s-mirror, Docker2SaaS, React Cosmos, and Zepel
02/25/2021 Magic login tools, plus create APIs and internal tools with no code
02/18/2021 Read GitHub repos with VS Code & vim, SOC 2 as a Service, and open source cloud cost estimator
02/11/2021 SigNoz, FastAPI, Forgo.js, Komodor, and more
02/04/2021 Slack Theme + Chat for VS Code, Alibaba's in-memory db, and an open source APM tool
01/21/2021 DMs in VS Code , a K8s marketplace, and Atlassian's CSS-in-JS solution
01/14/2021 vsChat, CodeSwing, Lightspeed, Owncast and more
01/07/2021 Basecamp's new approach to building modern web apps & Swiss Army K8s
12/31/2020 Apache's video conferencing tool, JSX lite, and an open source Google Sheets
12/24/2020 4 more new AWS solutions, a new Java ORM and framework
12/17/2020 Deploy K8s Helm charts + 5 new AWS tools
12/10/2020 Reactive UIs in pure Ruby, version control for ML, and 2 new AWS solutions
12/03/2020 A JS implementation of Git, AWS' K8s distro, AWS Proton, and AWS Container Registry
11/26/2020 Microsoft's security linting tool, another open source Firebase, and logging for Docker
11/19/2020 K0s, AWS Glue DataBrew, React Frontload, and PatchGirl
11/12/2020 Open source Firebase alternative with GraphQL
11/05/2020 Git linting, SOC 2 as a Service, and a 3kb alternative to Vue.js
10/29/2020 React editor, K8s secrets management, and an open source CRM
10/22/2020 Open source alternative to Fivetran, 2 new tools from HashiCorp, and a passwordless login API
10/15/2020 A new db from AWS, an IDE from Sencha, and a Zapier alternative built on GH Actions
10/08/2020 Kubernetes observability, code with your voice, and dev utilities for MacOS
10/01/2020 K8s tool from Alibaba, Go framework by Facebook, and native Mac code editor
09/24/2020 Google's Airtable competitor, GitHub CLI, a GraphQL framework, and a new Azure service
09/17/2020 K8s computer vision, CSS-in-JS, and a serverless API for any db
09/10/2020 API maintenance, API request builder, and serverless cloud for devs
09/03/2020 UI for Kafka, security scanner for VS Code, and 3 new microservices tools
08/27/2020 K8s tools from AWS, Verizon, and more
08/20/2020 Proj management from WordPress, Lyft's new DevOps tool, and a tool for retrospectives
08/13/2020 Microsoft's modern UI kit, open source customer support chat, and supercharged video for Slack
08/06/2020 A GraphQL tool from IBM, a JS CDN, and a library for creating racing bar charts
07/30/2020 Adobe's React design system, Plaid for India, and security/compliance as a Service
07/23/2020 A meeting interface built on Zoom, AWS' container CLI, a service to deploy ML models w/drag & drop
07/16/2020 New 3 letter tools: Git, Bot, IDE, OCR
07/09/2020 AWS' new containerization tool, an IDE for FE Components, and Google Sheets as a Backend
07/02/2020 Puppet's new automation tool, a No Code platform from AWS, and a CRM for Airtable
06/25/2020 Open source WebRTC group video chat, GraphQL as a Service, and Uber's feature flag refactoring tool
06/18/2020 AWS's new package repository service
06/11/2020 A terminal dashboard for developers
06/04/2020 Firebase alternative plus tools for Airtable, K8s, and MongoDB
05/28/2020 Kubetap, PullReview, CodeOnline, DuckDB, PgTyped
05/21/2020 WebRTC Video Conferencing, E2EE group calls, and more
05/14/2020 Chrome Dev Tools for Serverless and more
05/07/2020 Control your K8s cluster with Google Sheets
04/30/2020 Kubernetes tools, Amazon AppFlow, and OrbitDB
04/23/2020 k8s as a Service, KafkaCenter, and an orchestration tool from Puppet
04/16/2020 Virtual office for remote teams and an open source alternative to Google Analytics
04/09/2020 GNU end-to-end encrypted alternative to Zoom & Jitsi
04/02/2020 Tensorpack, an online IDE powered by GitHub Gists, and an HR platform for remote teams
03/26/2020 Next-gen video calls, voice messaging, and supercharged CS in Slack
03/19/2020 Open source video chat from Twilio + an online IDE for GitHub & GitLab
03/12/2020 New TensorFlow tool by Google Brain, Slack tools and a Font Awesome alternative
03/05/2020 ML tools from Google & IBM and the StackShare API UI
02/27/2020 Open source projects from Netflix & Microsoft plus a mobile app for k8s
02/20/2020 Autocode, Kintaba, Census, Devsync, and more
02/13/2020 AWS CLI, a Jest alternative, PG job scheduling, and more
02/06/2020 AI/ML Pipelines Using Kubernetes
01/30/2020 The 2019 StackShare Awards
01/23/2020 KubeVault, a GitLab alternative, a GraphQL headless CMS
01/22/2020 Announcing the 2019 StackShare Awards - time to vote!
01/16/2020 Micronetes, ML tools, and Low/No Code Platforms
01/09/2020 Open source alternative to Intercom, Backend as a Service, online code editor, and more
01/02/2020 Tools for AWS, Kafka, Tailwind, and No Code platforms
12/26/2019 Postgres.js, AWS Data Wrangler, Message DB and more
11/20/2019 Scaling to 4.5 billion messages/day using Rust
11/14/2019 New Tools for Slack, Go, React, and k8s
11/07/2019 9 Experimentation Best Practices
10/30/2019 6 New Tools + Announcing Private StackShare for Teams (Beta)
10/23/2019 Cassandra as a Service, Ionic React, and Square's DBaaS
10/16/2019 A REST-Based Alternative to GraphQL
10/09/2019 WebSockets vs Long Polling + Coinbase's Terraform Tool
10/01/2019 Introducing New Company Engineering Profiles - discover & follow companies based on their tech stack
09/25/2019 Server-side rendering: how to serve authenticated content
09/18/2019 How Sqreen Handles 50K Request Per Minute
09/11/2019 Self-hosted, Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy
09/04/2019 Monitoring Node.js Applications on OpenShift with Prometheus + 5 new tools
08/28/2019 Cross-platform desktop apps with Node.js
08/21/2019 The 7 YC Dev Tools That Just Launched
08/14/2019 A React codebase generator
08/07/2019 A NEW Reactive Scripting Language
07/31/2019 Gubernator: Cloud-Native Distributed Rate Limiting For Microservices
07/24/2019 A Blazing-Fast Reactive JavaScript UI Library
07/17/2019 A NEW open source Time Series Database
07/10/2019 Clear & Concise Database Management
07/03/2019 A free & open source UI for Docker
06/27/2019 Mega Post: The Tech Stacks Behind 2019's Biggest IPOs
06/20/2019 A Timeline of Slack's Tech Stack Evolution
06/12/2019 Build UIs across all Apple platforms with Swift
06/05/2019 A Brand NEW Language for Programming GPUs
05/29/2019 Open source icon system + The Next-Gen DNS
05/23/2019 A Timeline of Uber's Tech Stack Evolution
05/15/2019 A Python Library for Time Series Data Mining Tasks by TD Ameritrade
05/08/2019 Serverless batch computing made simple + NEW Windows Terminal
05/01/2019 An Experimental Language from Microsoft + Data Lakes at Scale
04/24/2019 A New Object-Relational Database + Dead Simple API Mocking
04/17/2019 The 7 NEW Google Cloud services you need to know about
04/10/2019 Introducing Awesome Stacks
04/03/2019 A new Security Tool by Lyft + a Serverless Analytics Framework
03/28/2019 A Python static type checker from Microsoft + a prototyping tool for Vue.js
03/21/2019 The 13 YC dev tools that just launched
03/12/2019 Linux Foundation Partnership + New Stack Profiles
03/07/2019 OSS from Uber & Alibaba + Open Source Month
03/04/2019 k8s on AWS, k3s, and Fuzzing as a Service
02/25/2019 k9s, an OSS DevOps tool from OVH, and Vue.js components
02/18/2019 Mobile backend as a Service via Google Sheets, plus security & ML tools from Google and Uber
02/11/2019 NoSQL, GraphQL, and JS db tools
01/30/2019 The 2018 StackShare Awards
01/24/2019 Introducing the 2018 StackShare Awards - time to vote!
01/21/2019 k8s and Docker CLI tools from Tumblr and more
01/14/2019 Block storage for k8s and Speech Recognition as a Service
01/06/2019 Tools for AWS/GCP/Azure, webpack, k8s, NLP, and Clojure
12/31/2018 Closing out 2018 with 3 new container tools from Uber, Docker, and more
12/21/2018 OSS for k8s, GitHub, gRPC + 3 new logging tools
12/15/2018 5 new AWS products you can use now
11/25/2018 Deals for Developers: Cyber Monday Discounts 2018
11/18/2018 Atlassian, Spotify, and Bloomberg release open source projects
11/11/2018 Google's new k8s ML tool plus new GraphQL tools
11/04/2018 GitHub's MySQL orchestrator and Pusher's new chat drop-in
10/30/2018 DigitalOcean's new dbaaS, Laravel releases a debug assistant, and a Vue.js/GraphQL static site generator
10/21/2018 Package manager comparison: Yarn vs npm + Tencent and Microsoft release UI libraries
10/14/2018 Tools for Git, GitHub, Airtable, and 1-click access to any db
10/05/2018 Serverless Showdown: AWS vs Google
09/30/2018 Docker Swarm vs Kuberenetes
09/21/2018 GitLab Raises , plus a new Git client from the makers of Sublime Text
09/14/2018 Log storage at Facebook scale and a Vue.js ecommerce platform
09/08/2018 Open source tools from Uber, Buzzfeed, Salesforce, and Oracle
08/31/2018 Fresh tools for Redux, GraphQL, Electron, Sketch, and git
08/23/2018 The 9 YC S18 Companies Developers Should Know
08/16/2018 On-Prem HipChat/Slack Replacements
07/27/2018 Why Companies are Switching to Kubernetes
07/19/2018 How Big Companies Are Using GraphQL in Production
06/28/2018 Cool Serverless Tools
06/21/2018 How to Build a Popular Open Source RSS Reader With JavaScript
06/14/2018 How Heap Built an Analytics Platform that Auto-Tracks Every Event
06/07/2018 What to know before #movingtogitlab
06/01/2018 The Top 10 New Dev Tools from May
05/26/2018 StackShare Privacy Policy Update
05/25/2018 What you need to know about GDPR for your side project
05/17/2018 How Raygun Processes Millions of Error Events Per Second
05/11/2018 Win free tickets to DevXcon + the best of Kubernetes
05/04/2018 Top 11 Tools of the Month + Hot Stacks: GDPR Edition
04/26/2018 Breaking News! How The New York Times Serves 150M Readers [New Podcast]
04/20/2018 Experts Explain DevOps, VuePress, and Typeform meets Intercom
04/13/2018 Rails + React Event, On-Demand Image Processing, and Stripe's New Billing Platform
04/06/2018 More ML, AWS Secrets Management, and Performance Visualizations from Netflix
03/30/2018 Machine Learning in JavaScript, Postgres diffs, and Google's new text-to-speech service
03/24/2018 Hot Stacks Part 2, tools for AWS Lambda, Material Design for React Native, and Uber's iOS/Android framework
03/23/2018 We don't always send surveys, but when we do, we keep them short
03/16/2018 Kubernetes, GraphQL, and Git & Mercurial tools from Google, GitHub, Facebook, and more
03/08/2018 Pro Tips for Open Source Contributors; plus, new tools out of YCombinator
03/02/2018 Top 10 New Tools Added in February, plus: Mockups-to-Code-as-a-Service, and a new offering from Google
02/22/2018 Top 10 React Articles, plus: Git for Excel, a serverless open-source cloud platform from Apache, and more
02/16/2018 A hackable design tool for cross-platform UIs, a toolkit for React/Redux/React Router, and a Scala web framework
02/08/2018 Open source documentation websites from Facebook, analytics for your InVision prototypes, and mor
02/01/2018 Slack reminders for GitHub PRs, CLI for viewing git repositories, and Decentralized StatusPages
01/25/2018 Top 50 Developer Tools of 2017
01/18/2018 How Stream Scaled To 300M Users, GraphQL + Postgres, AWS-optimized database, and Product Announcements as a Service
01/12/2018 Special Announcement + anonymous Git, a React alternative, and GitHub-inspired simple and modern charts
01/05/2018 JS framework from Basecamp, private real-time collaborative text editor, and easy magic-link auth
01/05/2018 Introducing the 2017 StackShare Awards - time to vote!
12/28/2017 Standup via Slack, Chatbots, Rust web framework, job queue, project management, and more
12/21/2017 Open source feature flags and comments, server-side React, and Kanban for GitHub
12/14/2017 How Dubsmash Scaled To 200M Users With 3 Engineers
12/08/2017 How Thumbtack Scaled PostgreSQL, ML + Kubernetes, new React charting libraries, a new JS bundler
12/02/2017 17 New AWS Services
11/27/2017 Cyber Monday Deals For Developers
11/24/2017 IDEs for Haskell & Python, Postman for GraphQL, and an instant API for SQLite
11/16/2017 Realtime Code Collaboration from Microsoft & GitHub, mobile UI kits for React Native & Bootstrap
11/11/2017 How Sentry Receives 20 Billion Events Per Month
11/04/2017 Machine Learning tools, Docker Hosting, a Python App Builder, and a Private Google Docs Alternative
10/27/2017 React Visualizer, The New Sidekiq, a Slack CLI, and Google Firestore UI
10/19/2017 The React Story: How Facebook's Instagram Acquisition Led To The Open Sourcing of React.js
10/13/2017 Deep Learning from AWS & Microsoft, React and React Native tools, PDF and Screenshots APIs
10/06/2017 Cloud Firestone, IoT Core, Draggable JS by Shopify, new text editors, and iOS/Android tools
09/28/2017 How Stitch Consolidates Billions of Records, plus Cloudflare, Google Cloud, Git, secrets management, and a big data tool
09/22/2017 DigitalOcean Object Storage, Keybase + Slack, Slack + Emacs, and structured log data as a Service
09/15/2017 Facebook & GitHub's Atom IDE, Nginx Unit, new tools for Slack and Sketch, and Mozilla's new open source commenting system
09/08/2017 Evenbrite's Front-End Stack, a headless Chrome API, and GitHub mobile apps
09/01/2017 Kafka & Kubernetes tools from Pinterest and Confluent, plus a new tool from Ionic and a Rails starter kit
08/25/2017 Code reviews as a Service, NLP APIs, an IDE powered by Neovim, and new AWS tools
08/18/2017 Stack News Improvements + Article Reader
08/11/2017 Speech recognition API, GraphQL CMS, online code editors, and cross-platform desktop apps
08/04/2017 Low-cost Lambda, one click containers on Azure, a new UI Kit by Framer
07/28/2017 How To Scale To 350M File Requests Per Day, plus new deep learning tools, database tools, and Chromeless
07/21/2017 8 New Tools for Git and GitHub
07/13/2017 How CircleCI Scaled To 4.5M Builds, plus Git for designers, chatbot platforms, and React/React Native tools
07/07/2017 Three new container tools from Oracle, a distributed SQLite, and a Haskell implementation of Elm
06/30/2017 Lamdanative, Serverless Kubernetes, RocketMQ, PostgreSQL + RabbitMQ
06/23/2017 TechCrunch'd, Top 10 Tools of the Month, Keeping AWS secrets secret with ECS
06/16/2017 Dev Tools Roundup #1, Server-Side Dart, an IDE for D3, and a new AWS Service for IoT
06/09/2017 OSS for Kubernetes, Docker, and React Native from Microsoft, Facebook, and Dollar Shave Club
06/02/2017 May Tech Stack Roundup, new tools from Coinbase, Shopify, Twilio and IBM + Google + Lyft
05/25/2017 Introducing Stack News
05/19/2017 Build web apps with no code, open source BI tools, SQL for your OS, and a new KV store
05/12/2017 Open source GPU-powered DB, new Azure DBaaS, React + d3, and a lightweight Electron
05/05/2017 Tech Stack Roundup #3, tools from Facebook and GitHub, and another open source Slack
04/28/2017 Airbnb's React Sketch app, Headless Chrome on AWS Lambda, and open source alternatives to SendGrid and Disqus
04/21/2017 New Tools from F8, DockerCon, and AWS Summit
04/14/2017 React Material Design, Eventbrite's D3 lib, and Android in a Box
04/07/2017 Tech Stack Roundup #2, plus new services from Twilio, DigitalOcean, and Google
03/30/2017 Algolia's 21B Query Tech Stack, plus new Git tools, a container monitoring CLI, and a spreadsheet db
03/24/2017 GitLab login, plus a test/mocking framework for AWS, and machine learning powered log analytics
03/17/2017 React Native and Google Cloud
03/09/2017 How Opendoor Scaled To $1B, plus React and container tools from the NFL and Google
03/03/2017 Introducing Tech Stack Roundup, Plus OSS from Facebook, Netflix, and Dropbox
02/24/2017 Deep learning tools, DigitalOcean Load Balancer, and an AWS CLI tool
02/17/2017 Google Analytics releases an open source lib, S3 Lambda, and another open source password manager
02/10/2017 Docker secrets management, plus new open source tools from Microsoft and Facebook
02/03/2017 Serverless Functions as a Service, Airbnb's mobile animation lib, and a React Native UI kit
01/27/2017 React Navigation, a React rendering engine from Alibaba, a macOS app for GH Issues, and more
01/20/2017 How Shippo Versions Their APIs, Yahoo open sources their CI system, and a tool to build Node.js backends with Webpack
01/13/2017 The wordpress of bots, Spacemacs for Vim, Rust + Emacs, manage GitHub releases via CLI, and more
01/05/2017 Top 50 Developer Tools of 2016
12/30/2016 Gitql - a Git query language, Webpacker for Rails, a web framework for Rust, and GitHub management tools
12/23/2016 Jenkins UI gets a facelift, a self-hosted PagerDuty, a replacement for Wit.ai, and a Material component framework for Vue.js
12/16/2016 How Flexport Moves Over $1B In Merchandise, Stack Match Updates, and new tools from Shopify, Netflix, and Expedia
12/09/2016 Introducing Bitbucket Login, Plus New Serverless Tools and JS UI Libraries
12/02/2016 10 new AWS offerings you can deploy now, plus two open source tools for AWS
11/28/2016 An early gift for developers
11/18/2016 A React kit from Palantir, instant 2FA, and Amazon's new BI service
11/11/2016 Attack of the Bots, Part 2: 9 more tools to help you build a chatbot
11/04/2016 Simple Docker UI, a new programming language, Microsoft's Slack competitor, and terminal sharing in seconds
10/28/2016 How To Go From SaaS To On-Prem In Less Than 1 Week, plus new JavaScript tools for React, Java, and Tesseract
10/21/2016 Introducing Stack Stories - Episode 1: How HotelTonight Went From MVP To IPO
10/13/2016 Introducing Stack Match - the best way for engineers to find your jobs
10/07/2016 Analytics for your bots, a GUI for Elasticseach, and automated code review for GitHub
09/30/2016 Open source tools from Spotify, Etsy, Palantir, plus a tool for writing iOS & Android apps w/React Native