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What is Wundamail?

It is a simple way to manage and motivate teams of any shape and size. No apps, usernames or passwords needed - it all works directly in your employee's regular email inbox.
Wundamail is a tool in the Team Task Management category of a tech stack.
Pros of Wundamail
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Wundamail's Features

  • Organise members into groups to target different messages.
  • Add and delete team members whenever you wish.
  • Getting a great look is easy when you start with one of our pre-designed templates
  • Drag and drop logos, images files and more into the daily emails.
  • Your communications look great in every email client - desktop and mobile.
  • Set it and forget it. Once it's set up, your design gets sent automatically every day.
  • If you wish, you can comment on your team's responses before they get distributed. Call out great behaviours and lead from the front.
  • Highlight great behaviour to set examples your team can learn from.

Wundamail Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Wundamail?
A tool that simplifies the way teams work together - Manage workload, track projects, move work forward, communicate with people - Adopt a management tool that people actually love to use, one that's fast, and easy to use.
Every evening, iDoneThis sends you an email that asks you what you got done that day. The next morning, we send a digest of what everyone on your team got done the previous day to you and your team members.
It is a group-oriented messaging platform with an integrated suite of collaboration tools that is tailor-made for workplaces in Asia
Keep your team up to date — without another meeting.
Standup automatically processes data from your source control and project managment software to deliver daily engineering progress reports.
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