Use git push to instantly update React Native apps in production

What is AppHub?

Designed to give app developers a new way of deploying and updating apps, AppHub allows users to change their app on the fly. Deploys across iOS, Android, desktop and web.

AppHub is a tool in the Cross-Platform Mobile Tools category of a tech stack.

AppHub is an open source tool with 207 Github Stars and 29 Github Forks. Here’s a link to AppHub's open source repository on Github

Who Uses AppHub?

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Why people like AppHub

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AppHub's Features

  • Instantly update app code and images without resubmitting to TestFlight or the App Store.
  • Manage compatability between multiple native and JavaScript versions of your app.
  • Download updates in the background, or while your app is executing.
  • Seamlessly "hot swap" updates during app use.
  • Require that testers and users are on the latest version of your app.

AppHub's alternatives

  • React Navigation - Flexible navigation library for React Native and web. Learn once, navigate anywhere.
  • CodePush - Push code updates to your apps, instantly (by Microsoft)
  • Native Navigation - Native navigation library for React Native application, by Airbnb
  • - React Native mobile apps in browser
  • Expo Sketch - A Playground for React Native

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