What is CJSS?

First off, everything happens in your CSS file. You can layer this into your websites as you see fit. You can use this to layer on just a little bit more functionality in your CSS here and there or construct an entire page.
CJSS is a tool in the CSS Pre-processors / Extensions category of a tech stack.
CJSS is an open source tool with 642 GitHub stars and 19 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to CJSS's open source repository on GitHub

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  • more functionality

CJSS Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to CJSS?
Sass is an extension of CSS3, adding nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance, and more. It's translated to well-formatted, standard CSS using the command line tool or a web-framework plugin.
Less is a CSS pre-processor, meaning that it extends the CSS language, adding features that allow variables, mixins, functions and many other techniques that allow you to make CSS that is more maintainable, themable and extendable.
PostCSS is a tool for transforming CSS with JS plugins. These plugins can support variables and mixins, transpile future CSS syntax, inline images, and more.
Stylus is a revolutionary new language, providing an efficient, dynamic, and expressive way to generate CSS. Supporting both an indented syntax and regular CSS style.
The compass core framework is a design-agnostic framework that provides common code that would otherwise be duplicated across other frameworks and extensions.
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