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John Kodumal

CTO at LaunchDarkly

As we've evolved or added additional infrastructure to our stack, we've biased towards managed services. Most new backing stores are Amazon RDS instances now. We do use self-managed PostgreSQL with TimescaleDB for time-series data鈥攖his is made HA with the use of Patroni and Consul.

We also use managed Amazon ElastiCache instances instead of spinning up Amazon EC2 instances to run Redis workloads, as well as shifting to Amazon Kinesis instead of Kafka.

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John Kodumal

CTO at LaunchDarkly

Over the past year, we've shifted our philosophy on managed services and have moved several critical parts of our infrastructure away from self-managed options. The most prominent was our shift away from HAProxy to AWS's managed application load balancers (ALBs).

As we scaled, managing our HAProxy fleet became a larger and larger burden. We spent a significant amount of time tuning our configuration files and benchmarking different Amazon EC2 instance types to maximize throughput.

Emerging needs like #DDoS protection and auto scaling turned into large projects that we needed to schedule urgently. Instead of continuing this investment, we chose to shift to managed ALB instances. This was a large project, but it quickly paid for itself as we've nearly eliminated the time spent managing load balancers. We also gained DDoS protection and auto scaling "for free".

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John Kodumal

CTO at LaunchDarkly

LaunchDarkly is almost a five year old company, and our methodology for deploying was state of the art... for 2014. We recently undertook a project to modernize the way we #deploy our software, moving from Ansible-based deploy scripts that executed on our local machines, to using Spinnaker (along with Terraform and Packer) as the basis of our deployment system. We've been using Armory's enterprise Spinnaker offering to make this project a reality.

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A Conversation with LaunchDarkly鈥檚 CTO
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