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Well, Wordpress is the most popular CMS, but I think there are too much things that you really don't need while developing many websites.

I think Laravel's MVC architecture and Blade templates do much better when we are talking about easy and fast to code, and also to mantain. Markdown e-mail templates introduced in Laravel 5.5 were also a great thing.

Also I prefer to install a package from composer or create my own code rather than install a plugin.

I consider the posts and it's versions management from Wordpress are good. But maybe you don't need a tool where your client will customize the page, because only the developers will have the layout / template control. And maybe you just need a simple blog structure rather than a full-controlled post versions.

If you need a website with dynamic content controlled by user (but not page edition and creation itself or other CMS features - though there are good Laravel CMSs to use), mail sending with mail templates, translation, and better control of the website's code, I think Laravel is a better option.

And last but not least, Laravel is more scalable. If now you have a website with dynamic content, but in the future you need to expand it's features and need a bigger system, Laravel suits better.

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