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A simple, annotation-based library for making deep link handling better on Android, by Airbnb
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What is DeepLinkDispatch?

DeepLinkDispatch provides a declarative, annotation-based API to declare application deep links.
DeepLinkDispatch is a tool in the Deep Linking as a Service category of a tech stack.
DeepLinkDispatch is an open source tool with 3.6K GitHub stars and 353 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to DeepLinkDispatch's open source repository on GitHub

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DeepLinkDispatch's Features

  • Register an activity to handle specific deep links by annotating it with @DeepLink and a URI
  • Handles multipe deep links

DeepLinkDispatch Alternatives & Comparisons

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Branch Metrics is a platform that powers the links that point back to your apps for shares, invites, referrals, and more. Branch makes it incredibly simple to create powerful deeplinks that can pass data across app install, making the entire app experience better. Our goal is to make every app experience frictionless and fundamentally change the way people interact with mobile apps today.
Button enables smart connections between apps that drive installs, increase engagement and facilitate mobile commerce.
URX makes it easy to link into apps. Our API uses information such as keywords, location and time, and returns deep links into relevant apps. Quickly integrate URX AppViews or create a completely native experience with our SDKs.
HOKO offers publishers a new way to monetize their users by turning their app or site into an AI powered marketplace.

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