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Go testing in the browser. Integrates with `go test`. Write behavioral tests in Go.
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What is GoConvey?

Write behavioral tests in your editor. Get live results in your browser. GoConvey supports Go's native testing package. Neither the web UI nor the DSL are required; you can use either one independent
GoConvey is a tool in the Go Testing category of a tech stack.
GoConvey is an open source tool with 6.8K GitHub stars and 488 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to GoConvey's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses GoConvey?

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GoConvey Integrations

Pros of GoConvey
Realtime testing
Code coverage visualisation

GoConvey's Features

  • Directly integrates with go test
  • Fully-automatic web UI (works with native Go tests, too)
  • Huge suite of regression tests
  • Shows test coverage (Go 1.2+)
  • Readable, colorized console output (understandable by any manager, IT or not)
  • Test code generator
  • Desktop notifications (optional)
  • Immediately open problem lines in Sublime Text (some assembly required)

GoConvey Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to GoConvey?
Go code (golang) set of packages that provide many tools for testifying that your code will behave as you intend.

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