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What is Hug?

Hug aims to make developing Python driven APIs as simple as possible, but no simpler. As a result, it drastically simplifies Python API development.
Hug is a tool in the Microframeworks (Backend) category of a tech stack.
Hug is an open source tool with 6.3K GitHub stars and 362 GitHub forks. Here鈥檚 a link to Hug's open source repository on GitHub

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Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose Hug in their tech stack.

Pierre Chapuis
Pierre Chapuis
at Pierre Chapuis | 5 upvotes 114.9K views

Unlike our frontend, we chose Flask, a microframework, for our backend. We use it with Python 3 and Gunicorn.

One of the reasons was that I have significant experience with this framework. However, it also was a rather straightforward choice given that our backend almost only serves REST APIs, and that most of the work is talking to the database with SQLAlchemy .

We could have gone with something like Hug but it is kind of early. We might revisit that decision for new services later on.

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Hug Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Hug?
Flask is intended for getting started very quickly and was developed with best intentions in mind.
Falcon is a minimalist WSGI library for building speedy web APIs and app backends. We like to think of Falcon as the Dieter Rams of web frameworks.
Express is a minimal and flexible node.js web application framework, providing a robust set of features for building single and multi-page, and hybrid web applications.
Django REST framework
It is a powerful and flexible toolkit that makes it easy to build Web APIs.
Sinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort.
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