A new, Java-based approach to cross-platform mobile apps (used by Google Inbox and Google Spreadsheets)
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The vision of JUniversal came from some guys at Nokia who possess considerable expertise both in Java and in building cross-platform apps. They built this tool to provide an elegant way to translate source code and make it useful across multiple platforms. JUniversal offers you the freedom to write your shared code in Java and then translate it to C# (available now) or to C++/Objective C++ (coming soon). You can also combine JUniversal with Google’s j2objc translator to translate Java to Objective-C for iOS.

JUniversal's Features
  • OAuth (based on Scribe)
  • JSON
  • Unit testing (JUnit)
  • File & network I/O platform wrappers
  • Collections—HashMap, ArrayList, etc. (based on JDK/Harmony)
  • Logging (based of SLF4J/Logback)
  • About 20K lines currently