A Vagrant/Ansible toolkit for kickstarting Django apps

What is Metamon?

Metamon is a Vagrantfile combined with a set of Ansible Playbooks which can be used to quickly start a new Django project. Although Metamon is easily extensible by adding new Ansible roles, it is a better fit for people who use Django + Gunicorn + Nginx + PostgreSQL.

Metamon is a tool in the Infrastructure Build Tools category of a tech stack.

Metamon is an open source tool with 348 Github Stars and 15 Github Forks. Here’s a link to Metamon's open source repository on Github

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Why people like Metamon

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Metamon's Features

  • Create an Ubuntu 14.04 machine.
  • Set-up basic Operating system dependencies.
  • Set-up a Virtualenv and automatically install dependencies.
  • Set-up Supervisor, PostgreSQL 9.3, Gunicorn and Nginx.
  • Start a new Django project if it's needed.
  • Automatically activate a virtualenv and cd to the project's directory when logging in during development.
  • Use separate requirements files for faster deploys.
  • Separate settings file for unit testing with coverage and customized settings to make testing faster.

Metamon's alternatives

  • Terraform - Describe your complete infrastructure as code and build resources across providers
  • AWS CloudFormation - Create and manage a collection of related AWS resources
  • Packer - Create identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration
  • GeoEngineer - Ruby DSL and DSL (geo) to codify then plan and execute changes to cloud resources, by Coinbase
  • Habitat - Application Automation framework by Chef

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