Recent Tech Decisions
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  • Pipefy

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    We use Pipefy for task and user story management, keeping track of our scrum team's progress and what we need to accomplish in the future.

  • CoffeeScript

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    All of our Javascript code is first written in CoffeeScript for ease of reading / writing. It is compiled to Javascript before being minified and served to the client.

  • CircleCI

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    CircleCI automatically runs all unit and e2e tests, as well as packaging and deploying builds to our live servers.

  • Sass

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    All of our CSS is first written in Sass (SCSS specifically). It is much easier to read and can keep styles DRYer with variables and functions.

  • Amazon S3

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    Amazon S3 is our static web hosting solution. The entire app is hosted on a single bucket, with Cloudfront distributing assets.

  • Amazon CloudFront

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    Cloudfront keeps the load of distributing our assets off our single Amazon S3 bucket. It also allows for configuring SSL for our custom domain.

  • Slack

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    Slack is our primary communication tool both within a single team and company as a whole.

  • npm

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    We manages all of our packages, including Angular JS through npm. It is a very quick way of downloading / installing packages into your project.

  • AngularJS

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    Angular JS is the main web application.