9 YC Summer 2018 Companies Developers Should Know

The infamous YC Demo Day was this week. Out of the 123 companies that demoed, 9 of them are making awesome tools for developers or that will at least make developers' lives easier.


OneGraph logo

I recently got to use a public GraphQL API for the first time when I built a little tool to analyze some GitHub data. It was much easier than even the best written JSON REST API. OneGraph is trying to bring that simplicity to all of the SaaS products you use by wrapping public APIs with GraphQL. Currently they integrate with Salesforce, Stripe, ZenDesk, GitHub, Intercom, and more. What you build with it is up to you, but you don't have to worry about the integration part.


Toybox logo

"Hey, could we change the copy on the 'About Us' page? Oh, and could we see what it would look like if we changed the buttons to green instead? Oh, and..."

- Mike from Marketing

This is one of those tools that isn't for developers, but it makes developers' lives a lot easier. Toybox is a platform that lets non-developers make and share website edits. It pulls in all of your live HTML and CSS into a sandbox where marketing, design, PMs, and everyone else can freely make tweaks and share them with each other for feedback. And you can spend more time building "real" product.


revenuecat logo

If you're building a mobile app with subscriptions, you'd probably like to spend more time building the mobile app and less time worrying about the subscription logic. RevenueCat is a complete toolkit for mobile subscriptions. They provide a backend that acts as a single source of truth for all of your subscriptions and SDKs for iOS, Android, and React Native. You also get some pretty awesome analytics tools for calculating conversions, churn, MRR, and more. Now you can get back to building your dating app for dogs.


Optic logo

How does automating routine programming sound? If you said something along the lines of "great!", you're going to love Optic. Unlike most code-generators, Optic actually "understands" your code thanks to machine learning models and some complex pattern-matching. That means you can go beyond basic scaffolding and do things like sync all of your controller code automatically when a model changes.


numericaal logo

If you're building machine learning software on mobile or IoT devices, you're probably more interested in training your models than managing their performance. numericaal wants to help optimize and manage your models, so you can do just that. They offer model-resource optimization, cross-platform analytics, and identify bottlenecks.


CSPA logo

CSPA, short for Computer Science Proficiency Assessment, is basically the SAT for software engineers. They promise that taking the test will offer you better job prospects, better job fit, and a shorter interview process. If you sit at the cross-section of people who hate technical interviews and people who love standardized tests, this one's for you.


dataform logo

Dataform is building tools to help data engineers prepare and manage their data easily. It connects to Google BigQuery, Amazon RedShift, or Snowflake to provide a cloud SQL workbench along with "powerful" templating, advanced scheduling, notifications, and more. Dataform promises that with their tool, you can build a data architecture you're proud of.


federacy logo

Security is very often overlooked by small startups. They often don't have the budget for a full-time security engineer, and the engineers they do have are typically focused on pushing out features as quickly as possible. Existing platforms tend to cater to enterprise-level companies, but Federacy wants to bring bug bounties to startups by making the service free... Well, free until a vulnerability is discovered. If that sounds great already, there's more: Federacy also pairs you with vetted security researchers who are experts in your stack and give you the option to make the program private if you want. If it sounds too good to be true, it kind of is. The founders have said this is probably not a sustainable business model, so get in while you can!

Anima App

Anima App

There's no shortage of services and tools to take your design from mockup to code. Meet the latest entrant: Anima App. If you use Sketch on a regular basis for designing mockups, Anima App let's you not only create dynamic prototypes, but even let's you export your designs to HTML. Anima's aim is to revamp your design workflow by making it easier to bring your designs to life.

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