Announcing Private StackShare For Teams (Beta)

Starting today, Private StackShare for Teams is in Private Beta - signup at

Today, we're excited to announce the introduction of Private StackShare for Teams (Beta), the best way for your team to privately map out and share internal tech stacks and technology decisions!

Large companies typically have this data and knowledge spread out over wikis, spreadsheets, private version control, chat messages, closed unsearchable email accounts and listservs. It's messy, inefficient, and often leads to organizational silos with multiple teams building the same solutions. Fortunately, StackShare was built exactly to address this burden, allowing your teams to maximize their potential.

With Private StackShare, you get all the features you see on - but, in your own private enterprise-grade environment that only your company has access to. Private StackShare helps you to:

  • Easily map out and share tech stacks and important technology decisions across internal teams to understand their tech capabilities and gaps
  • Reduce inefficiencies and duplication of technical efforts across engineering teams by developing a standard set of tools to solve common problems
  • Enable better planning and resourcing (CTO/CIO, Solutions Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, etc) through increased transparency
  • Shorten developer onboarding to new teams and projects by giving them an understanding of the stack they'll be working on and the history behind it
  • Streamline the evaluation of technologies for projects through structured comparisons and Q&A discussions within teams
  • Reduce developer churn by giving visibility to projects using newer technologies
  • Compare company approaches with best practices across the industry by leveraging StackShare's public data and content

The Problem

Recently, we received requests from StackShare community members at Fortune 500 companies- who explicitly voiced that they love StackShare, however,they're unable to contribute publicly and requested a private version. Initially, we wondered "Why would they want StackShare without all the awesome public community content?" We learned that most large companies don't know what technologies are being used in-house and why, let alone which ones they should choose on new projects.

Our mission at StackShare is to make developers more productive by helping them learn about technology through the people and companies they trust. Sometimes the developers you trust most are your co-workers, and collaborating with them on technology decisions has been a challenge- until now.

Private StackShare

Private StackShare is what you see on but it lives in your own private environment so that the data and content you contribute is only visible to the teammates you explicitly grant access.

We'll be offering Private StackShare for Teams initially will the following model:

Cloud (

  • Multi-tenant hosted on
  • Data encryption at rest
  • SSO via GitHub
  • GitHub repo integration to auto-create and update stacks
  • Team profiles sync with permissions management

If you're interested in learning more about Private StackShare for your company, signup at