Enterprise collaboration for technology decisions

See which tech stacks you’re using, why, and who someone should talk to about them.

Private StackShare for Teams
Use Cases

Unblock engineers

Developers can easily identify who they should talk to when they have issues or need help with a technology decision

Avoid waste and duplication

Enterprise Architects can easily map out all the company’s tech stacks and automatically keep them up to date via GitHub integration.

Attract and retain developer talent

Bring visibility to interesting technology projects and open roles to allow for more internal mobility.

Why Private StackShare?

Private StackShare for Teams benefits enterprise architects, developers, managers, and CTOs/CIOs. Private StackShare helps you see what you’re using, why you’re using it, and who someone should talk to about it.

It helps you access the wealth of technical knowledge across your company and draw technology insights from your GitHub repos. Private StackShare is the technology system of record for your internal IT/eng teams.

Most teams use chat, email threads, or have to hold meetings to find technology experts and have discussions

This leads to wasted time & money as different teams stay silo'd and fail to collaborate efficiently.

Typically tech stack tracking is either not done at all, or it’s done manually

Teams use spreadsheets, wikis, and architecture diagrams, which quickly get outdated.


Devs that can’t find interesting projects to work on internally look externally

Developers who are forced to use legacy tech stacks and tools start looking for new opportunities.

Features included with Private StackShare for Teams

  • All the existing public StackShare features
  • Team profiles with permissions management
  • GitHub integration, auto-create/update
  • SSO via GitHub
  • Data encryption at rest
  • Multi-tenant hosted on stackshare.io
  • Bitbucket/GitLab integration
    (Coming Soon)
    (Coming Soon)
  • On-premises
    (Coming Soon)