Product Update: Introducing GitLab Authentication

A few months ago we added BitBucket to the options for signup and login authentication on StackShare, making it the second provider we supported. It's always been important to us that we continue to build a developer-only community- we believe it's one of the things that makes StackShare a special place to discover and share technology. Today, we're happy to announce that we've added another provider, one that's seen tremendous growth in the past few years: GitLab.

GitLab was named one of the Top 10 DevOps Tools of 2016, and has gained popularity amongst developers all across the globe.

As an open-source, self-hosted solution, GitLab stands out amongst the other leading source code hosting and collaboration services.

GitLab is quickly becoming the best way to have on-premises Git repository management for companies and engineers. They offer a suite of solutions to common problems with products like Issue Manangement, Review Applications, Continuous Integration, even Analytics.

GitLab now boasts more than 100,000 organizations worldwide using GitLab as their source code hosting solution with over 1 million projects hosted on their platform as of September 2016.

New StackShare users

Just select GitLab as the login option, and grant access to your account. Note: We don't request nor gain access to your repositories; Due to current limitations with GitLab scopes, "Access your API" is the level of access required for StackShare to authenticate with the GitLab API on behalf of your account for the purpose of logging in or registering on StackShare (details here).

We prefill your username and email address along with some additional information, you can then save that imported information within having to type it in manually.

Existing StackShare users

Existing StackShare users, you can visit your profile and link your GitLab account with your existing StackShare account:

We're excited to open StackShare up to even more developers to collaborate on and discuss the latest and greatest in software tools.

- Sergio