Introducing Bitbucket Authentication

Until now, signing up for and logging into StackShare was limited to GitHub. We realize that the landscape of source code hosting has changed a lot recently, so we’re taking steps to include more providers in the ecosystem. GitHub authentication was a great start, but it doesn’t reach all the developers that could benefit from using StackShare. Today we’re excited to be rolling out Bitbucket authentication!

Bitbucket is one of the most popular code collaboration platforms in the world, with over 5 million developers and 900,000 teams worldwide as of September.

Atlassian also has the most active add-on marketplace, with almost 2.5K products and services to help extend JIRA, Confluence, Hipchat, and Bitbucket. If you’re using products in the Atlassian product suite then you need help discovering the tools the best developers and companies use to extend those products. With support for Bitbucket login we’re now able to help.

New StackShare users

Just select Bitbucket as the login option, and grant read-only access to your account. Note: we don’t request nor gain access to your repositories or any information aside from your email address and username:

We prefill your username and email address along with some other info, which you can then save, without having to type any of it in manually.

Existing StackShare users

In addition to supporting more OAuth providers for signup, if you already have a StackShare account, you can link your Bitbucket account to your StackShare account, allowing you to login with either provider anytime you wish to authenticate on StackShare. We’ve also added the ability for you to choose a username independent of what platform you signed up with:

We’re excited to open StackShare up to be used by many more developers to collaborate on and share their software stacks.

- Josh