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Use JIRA to easily capture and organize your issues, prioritize and take action on what's important, and stay up-to-date with the activity going on around you.

JIRA's Features
  • Brilliantly Simple to Use- JIRA's configurable web interface is fast and intuitive with lightning-quick keyboard shortcuts for every issue action.
  • Track Anything and Everything- JIRA tracks everything – issues, tasks, features, and of course, bugs.
  • Manage Your Application Life Cycle- JIRA sits at the heart of Atlassian's offerings for managing your entire application development process from concept to launch.
  • Plan Agile Development- GreenHopper is an add-on for JIRA that makes Agile accessible, whether you're a seasoned Agile expert or just getting started.
  • Configure Your Own Workflow- Modify JIRA workflows on-the-fly, giving your team structure and adaptability at the same time.
  • Link Issues to Source Code- Drop a JIRA issue key into any commit message to instantly link related code changes, build status, code reviews, and more.
  • Connect to Anything- Want to link an issue to a requirements doc in Confluence? How about an opportunity in Salesforce or ticket in Zendesk? No problem.
  • Advanced Search and Reporting- More than your typical "advanced search," JIRA Query Language (JQL) powers everything from the JIRA user interface to built-in project reports.
  • Kick-start User Adoption- With an ever-expanding library of interactive lessons and video tutorials, Atlassian University puts your users on the fastest path to getting the most out of JIRA.

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