Cut time to resolution for app errors from five hours to five minutes.
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Sentry is an open-source platform for workflow productivity, aggregating errors from across the stack in real time. 500K developers use Sentry to get the code-level context they need to resolve issues at every stage of the app lifecycle.

Sentry's Features
  • Real-Time Updates: For the first time, developers can fix code-level issues anywhere in the stack well before users even encounter an error.
  • Complete Context: Spend more time where it matters, rather than investing in low-impact issues.
  • Integrate Everywhere: Drop-in integration for every major platform, framework, and language -- JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Node, Java, .NET, mobile.
  • Root Cause: See the events that lead to errors so you always debug the right thing the first time.
  • Private & Secure: Sentry is compliant with GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and Privacy Shield by default.
  • Open Source: Sentry is 100% open source and available on GitHub.

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