Sentry vs. Crashlytics

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What is Sentry?

Sentry is an open-source platform for workflow productivity, aggregating errors from across the stack in real time. 500K developers use Sentry to get the code-level context they need to resolve issues at every stage of the app lifecycle.

What is Crashlytics?

Instead of just showing you the stack trace, Crashlytics performs deep analysis of each and every thread. We de-prioritize lines that don't matter while highlighting the interesting ones. This makes reading stack traces easier, faster, and far more useful! Crashlytics' intelligent grouping can take 50,000 crashes, distill them down to 20 unique issues, and then tell you which 3 are the most important to fix.
Why do developers choose Sentry?
Why do you like Sentry?

Why do developers choose Crashlytics?
Why do you like Crashlytics?

What are the cons of using Sentry?
No Cons submitted yet for Sentry
Downsides of Sentry?

What are the cons of using Crashlytics?
No Cons submitted yet for Crashlytics
Downsides of Crashlytics?

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How much does Sentry cost?
Sentry Pricing
How much does Crashlytics cost?
Crashlytics Pricing
What companies use Sentry?
1604 companies on StackShare use Sentry
What companies use Crashlytics?
442 companies on StackShare use Crashlytics
What tools integrate with Sentry?
73 tools on StackShare integrate with Sentry
What tools integrate with Crashlytics?
18 tools on StackShare integrate with Crashlytics

What are some alternatives to Sentry and Crashlytics?

  • Rollbar - Full-stack error monitoring for developers.
  • Bugsnag - Bugsnag provides production error monitoring and management for front-end, mobile and back-end applications
  • TrackJS - JavaScript Error Monitoring for Modern Web Applications
  • Airbrake - Airbrake captures and groups errors in Ruby, iOS, Django, PHP & more.

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