Connect end users to their data and applications on any device without sacrificing IT security and control

What is VMware Horizon Suite?

Stimulate workforce productivity by delivering a consistent, intuitive, and collaborative computing experience across all devices—anytime, anywhere. Manage, secure and back up end-user assets and applications from one place. Protect against compliance risk with policy-driven access. Streamline and simplify operations by turning disparate operating systems, applications, and data into centralized services delivered on any device.

VMware Horizon Suite is a tool in the Virtual Desktop category of a tech stack.

Who Uses VMware Horizon Suite?

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Why people like VMware Horizon Suite

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use VMware Horizon Suite.

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VMware Horizon Suite's Features

  • Provide a single aggregated workspace for end users – Employees gain a secure workspace with private, direct access to their desktop, applications and data, on any device.
  • Eliminate incentives for rogue technologies – Replace outdated technologies with easy file sharing and robust mobile access to applications—dissolving user motivations to introduce non-secure outlier technologies.
  • Deliver agile and elastic infrastructure – Applications, data and desktops are untethered from hardware silos to provide a responsive and scalable environment.
  • Universally apply access and security policies – Preclude security breaches and compliance faults by setting up access and governance policies that manage entitlement and utilization of end-user computing services.
  • Support BYOD initiatives – Enable access by end-user identity rather than by specific device. Employees can use the PC, tablet or smartphone they prefer, and they can use the same mobile device for their work and personal life, with full privacy protection.

VMware Horizon Suite's alternative

  • Amazon WorkSpaces - Easily provision cloud-based desktops that allow end-users to access applications and resources

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