Product Update: New Stack Match Features

We recently launched Stack Match, a new tool to help developers find jobs based on their preferred tech stack. The response from the community has been amazing! Over 20,000 engineers have used Stack Match to date!

With Stack Match you can choose what tools you would like to work with, what tools you don’t want to work with, specific roles you’re looking for, and your preferred location.

Want to find that ideal Elixir position? Just add Elixir to your included tools, and find the latest and greatest Elixir jobs.

Today we’re announcing two major updates to Stack Match: 1) we’ve split out search results into two separate areas: jobs and companies, and 2) you can now perform searches with the AND/OR operators by checking the "Exact Match" checkbox.

The driving force behind these updates has been feedback from the community. Sometimes you don’t really know what position you’re looking for, but you know which companies you're interested in. Other times you know what position you'd like to take. By splitting results into two separate sections we can be more accurate in suggesting results based on your personal preferences.

We’ve also added the ability to do an exact match. If you’d like to find a job using Rails and Heroku, but not PHP, based in San Francisco, all you need to do is check the "Exact Match" checkbox when submitting your search along with the other parameters.

For companies, we’ve added the ability to showcase your team members in match results. Now job seekers can meet their potential teammates and see what tools they like, what their personal stacks look like, and more.

In case you missed them, here's a quick list of the recent updates we've made to Stack Match:

Exclude tools from your search

See if your stack is a match for specific jobs (not just companies)

Stack Match RSS feed

Industry filters

See matches on any company stack page

To start using these new updates, visit Stack Match and begin your job search!

- Sergio