Beautiful and accessible drag and drop for lists with React (by Atlassian)
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There are a lot of libraries out there that allow for drag and drop interactions within React. Most notable of these is the amazing react-dnd. It does an incredible job at providing a great set of drag and drop primitives which work especially well with the wildly inconsistent html5 drag and drop feature. react-beautiful-dnd is a higher level abstraction specifically built for vertical and horizontal lists. Within that subset of functionality react-beautiful-dnd offers a powerful, natural and beautiful drag and drop experience. However, it does not provide the breadth of functionality offered by react-dnd.

react-beautiful-dnd's Features
  • Beautiful, natural movement of items
  • Clean and powerful api which is simple to get started with
  • Plays extremely well with standard browser interactions
  • Unopinionated styling
  • No creation of additional wrapper dom nodes - flexbox and focus management friendly!
  • Accessible โ™ฟ๏ธ๐Ÿš€

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