Monitor and automatically resolve issues for applications and infrastructure

  • Our code base is 100% Python

  • Used as a cache for monitors and reactions, can be used when RethinkDB is having issues.

  • Automated build testing on every commit

  • Main database, using it in multiple datacenters in an active-active configuration.

  • Makes our UI fancy.

  • Our web application uses the Flask web framework.

  • We eat our own dog food and use our own service to monitor itself. We have reactions setup to restart nginx, rethinkdb, redis, our app and even our servers if it comes down to it. All automagically. Oh, we don't have an on call setup. Runbook takes care of that for us.

  • Track visitors to our homepage and dashboard.

  • Email notifications and in app emails

  • Hosts our DNS, load balances our traffic, and provides CDN capabilities.

  • We are open source, so all of our code is hosted on GitHub public repos.

  • Monitors things like server cpu/memory/disk usage and sends Runbook a webhook when things get out of wack.

  • Newsletter, we like to keep in touch with our users.

  • Our backend monitors and reactions all talk over ZeroMQ.

  • Everything is deployed via Salt. From configurations to Docker container builds.

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