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Change the way everyone discovers software for work

Our Mission

To make sure that everyone is using the best software at work, starting with developers.


We started StackShare because we believe that the single greatest challenge facing the software tools industry is discovery- there are tons of great software tools and services out there but no reliable way to find or decide on the right ones. Yet, these decisions are made everyday by people and organizations all across the world. What's been missing is a resource that pulls all this knowledge together.

Today, StackShare helps developers discover and compare software tools. From Airbnb to Dropbox , to individual developers, VPEs, and CTOs, StackShare has become the defacto place for companies and engineers to share the software they use and why. But we're just scratching the surface- we believe we have an opportunity to fundamentally change the way that software is built- by creating a network of developers that share knowledge about how they're building software.

Our vision is to solve the discovery problem for people in every role- whether you're building a new mobile app, automating infrastructure, or trying to figure out how to use Excel macros, StackShare will be your compass.

We’re backed by 500 Startups, an awesome group of angel investors including the creator of the Heroku Add-Ons Marketplace and Airbnb’s 1st Employee, and we're revenue positive.

We're looking for engineers, designers, and evangelists that are already part of the StackShare community, are excited about our vision and want to be a part of shaping it.

You can learn more about us and see our open positions on AngelList or shoot us an email if you think you'd be a good fit!