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StackShare Enterprise is the technology system of record for large engineering organizations who are running many, complex tech stacks. Eliminate silos and stop tech sprawl by empowering teams to make data-driven decisions about which technologies to use and when.

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Over 1,000 companies use StackShare Enterprise

StackShare Enterprise is for

Enterprise Architects

Reduce duplication of effort and consolidate technologies to better manage risk.


See how others have solved problems and choose the best tech for your project.

Engineering Managers

Empower your team to move faster, stay productive, and pay down tech debt.


Execute your technical vision across your organization.

StackShare Enterprise helps engineering orgs

Improve governance

Use a dynamic tech radar to set up guard rails

Ship faster

Reduce tech sprawl and speed up dev cycles

Shrink tech debt

Get visibility into versions and overlapping tech

Reduce risk

Consolidate versions/tools to reduce attack surface area

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Stop tech sprawl. Empower everyone to make data-driven technology decisions

Stop tech sprawl. Empower everyone to make data-driven technology decisions

Make your technology usage visible

Individual developers often have no way of knowing what other teams have done to solve similar problems. StackShare Enterprise gives everyone a single source of truth around which solutions are in use, so your teams can move forward with confidence.
  • Discover and share commonalities
  • Break down engineering silos
  • Avoid duplication of efforts
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Prevent tech debt
Stop tech sprawl. Empower everyone to make data-driven technology decisions

Dashboard - see all the technologies you’re using across all your Git repos in one view

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StackShare has saved us hundreds of hours compiling, maintaining, and updating information on our stacks. We can now track it all in real time. StackShare’s transparency into our applications has been a big help in improving the overall knowledge flow across the company.

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Chris Cummings, Senior Director of Architecture, Tyler Technologies

Track updates across all your stacks in real time

Track updates across all your stacks in real time

The larger and more complex your tech stack footprint, the harder it is to track ongoing changes using manual processes or traditional tools. StackShare Enterprise automates stack monitoring, sending you real-time alerts with complete, accurate, timely data.
  • Automatically document and share stack decisions
  • Know the who/what/when of all stack changes
  • See stack change alerts in Slack/MS Teams
  • Simplify stack profile monitoring
  • See updates in pull requests
Track updates across all your stacks in real time

Stack Alerts - get realtime updates on tool additions/removals and upgrades

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Integration was a breeze- we were up and running in a matter of minutes… we have a lot of engineers in the StackShare Slack channel. It lets us see stack changes like minor/major version bumps being made across all of our repos in real-time, before any other tools surface them.

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Evan Robinson, VP of Engineering, AxleHire

Consolidate technologies and improve governance

Consolidate technologies and improve governance

Multiple versions of competing technologies can fragment expertise, expand vulnerabilities, and inhibit innovation. StackShare Enterprise enables you to manage approved technologies, including versions, so you can more easily execute your technical vision.
  • Consolidate versions, tools, stacks, and supply chains
  • Provide autonomy with guardrails
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Boost team speed and innovation
  • Tool lifecycle management
Consolidate technologies and improve governance

Tools Report - query and filter against all the tools in all your repos in one view

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We now have visibility into the technologies in use across the company and we can proactively manage adoption and retirement. We can have oversight without having a heavy hand in making decisions for everyone.

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Jeff Green, CTO, Tyler Technologies

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Key features and integrations

  • Full community access
  • Team profiles with permissions management
  • Automated creation and updating of stack data
  • SSO via Okta & AWS Cognito
  • Data encryption at rest
  • Multi-tenant hosted on
  • LDAP/Active Directory Sync
  • Integration with GitHub, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket
    (Gitlab Coming Soon)
  • On-premises
    (Coming Soon)
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Certified
    (Report available upon request)

*StackShare doesn't store any of your source code on our servers; we temporarily read config files and repo metadata contained in each repo to detect the tech stack and then store the results, which only you have access to.
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    Automated Stack Decision creation

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    Vulnerabilities Report [Security]

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    24-hour support with four-hour first response time on business days

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    Stack Watching

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    Active Directory/Okta Single Sign-On (SSO)

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    Tool Adoption Stages [Governance]

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    License Data [Compliance]

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    99% guaranteed uptime SLA

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    API Access

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