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What is Safari?

It is faster and more energy efficient than other browsers. Handy tools help you save, find, and share your favorite sites. Built-in privacy features help keep your browsing your business.
Safari is a tool in the Web Browser category of a tech stack.

Who uses Safari?

10 companies reportedly use Safari in their tech stacks, including FEELWAY, Public website, and SUPERKODERS.

111 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Safari.

Safari Integrations

BrowserStack, Swagger UI, Zoom, iOS, and macOS are some of the popular tools that integrate with Safari. Here's a list of all 51 tools that integrate with Safari.
Pros of Safari
More secure
More secure
Has Mac Extensions
Shows advanced tracking controls
Better privacy
Has fingerprinting
Awesome for developers
Way faster than edge
Good logo
Decisions about Safari

Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose Safari in their tech stack.

Needs advice

Hello, I am currently looking for a tool for automation tests in order to implement it into our CI/CD pipeline for both web development but also for Android and iOS. I considered Cypress but I need compatibility with Safari. I have knowledge of Java, C#, and JavaScript so the language isn't an issue. Also looked into Nightwatchjs and Puppeteer but found these 3 above more interesting.

My main concern is:

  • Browser support - Desktop - needs to support Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge (minimum)
  • Browser support - Mobile - Safari and Chrome (minimum)
  • App - Android and iOS

If possible i would like to avoid using another tool for mobile (like Appium)

What do you use? What is the one you recommend (even another from the ones mentioned)

Thank you very much for your help!

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Niall Geoghegan
at experiential psychotherapy institute · | 8 upvotes · 86.7K views
Needs advice

I created a Squarespace website with multiple blog pages. I discovered that the native Squarespace commenting tool is not currently capable of letting people subscribe to my blog pages if they are using Google Chrome or Safari! I then discovered that Disqus email verification doesn't work with Yahoo Mail. I also hate that there's no way to turn off that email verification (which I don't need since I moderate all comments anyway). So I want to use a different commenting system. I've read some good things about Commento. Three questions: (1) will it work on a Squarespace site? (I'll pay a developer to integrate it for me) (2) Does it have its own issues/elements that don't work smoothly, similar to the other two? (3) Is there another plugin I should be considering for my Squarespace site?

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Safari's Features

  • Defending your online privacy and security
  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention
  • Sandboxing for websites
  • Fingerprinting defense
  • Protection from harmful sites

Safari Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Safari?
A free and open source web browser developed by The Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD, and more.
Google Chrome
Commonly known simply as Chrome. It was first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, and was later ported to Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.
Microsoft Edge
It is a fast and secure browser designed for Windows 10. Microsoft Edge comes exclusively with Windows 10 and cannot be downloaded or installed separately. It has easy tools to preview, group, and save tabs. Quickly find, manage, and open tabs you set aside without leaving the page you’re on.
It is a fast, private and secure web browser for PC and mobile. It blocks ads and trackers. It prevents you from being tracked by sneaky advertisers, malware and pop-ups.
awscli is by far the most comprehensive CLI tool manipulating various AWS services, and I really like its flexible options and up-to-date release cycle. However, day-to-day AWS operations from my terminal don't need that much flexibility and that many services.
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Safari's Followers
69 developers follow Safari to keep up with related blogs and decisions.