React Desktop
React Desktop


What is Electron?

With Electron, creating a desktop application for your company or idea is easy. Initially developed for GitHub's Atom editor, Electron has since been used to create applications by companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Slack, and Docker. The Electron framework lets you write cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is based on io.js and Chromium and is used in the Atom editor.

What is MacGap?

MacGap provides HTML/JS/CSS developers an Xcode project for developing native OS X App. These Apps run in OS X's WebView and take advantage of WebKit technologies. MacGap exposes a JavaScript API for OS X integration, such as displaying native notifications or writing data to a file. MacGap is extremely lightweight and nimble; a blank application weighs less than 1MB.

What is React Desktop?

react-desktop is a JavaScript library built ontop of Facebook's React library, which aims to bring a native desktop experience to the web, featuring many OS X El Capitan and Windows 10 components. react-desktop works perfectly with node-webkit and Electron.js, but can be used in any JavaScript powered project!

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Why do developers choose Electron?
Why do developers choose MacGap?
Why do developers choose React Desktop?
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What are the cons of using Electron?
What are the cons of using MacGap?
What are the cons of using React Desktop?
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What companies use Electron?
What companies use MacGap?
What companies use React Desktop?
What are some alternatives to Electron, MacGap, and React Desktop?
Element is a Vue 2.0 based component library for developers, designers and product managers, with a set of design resources.
Nativefier is a command line tool that allows you to easily create a desktop application for any web site with succinct and minimal configuration. Apps are wrapped by Electron in an OS executable (.app, .exe, etc.) for use on Windows, OSX and Linux.
React Native Desktop
Build OS X desktop apps using React Native.
This project lets you deploy an update server for Electron apps with ease: You only need to run a single command and fill out two text fields.
Proton Native
Create native desktop applications through a React syntax, on all platforms
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What tools integrate with Electron?
What tools integrate with MacGap?
What tools integrate with React Desktop?
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Reviews of Electron, MacGap, and React Desktop
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How developers use Electron, MacGap, and React Desktop
Avatar of Chris Saylor
Chris Saylor uses ElectronElectron

Our application began as an HTML5 browser game, however we decided to leverage certain native parts of desktop applications by wrapping our client code into Electron. This also allowed us to not have to worry about compatibility across all the various browsers.

Avatar of HyVive
HyVive uses ElectronElectron

Our Web Applications are served on our Desktops by Electron. This allows us to have native apps running on our Workstations without having too many Browser Tabs open at the same time.

Avatar of PawByte
PawByte uses ElectronElectron

Electron is the current preferred method to convert games made in the Game Pencil Editor for desktop support.

Avatar of Metrix Financial Reporting Solutions UG
Metrix Financial Reporting Solutions UG uses ElectronElectron

Implement a web-service using your favorite tools but sell a desktop application for oblivious windows users.

Avatar of Ralic Lo
Ralic Lo uses ElectronElectron

Used Electron to package single page web application as a desktop application.

How much does Electron cost?
How much does MacGap cost?
How much does React Desktop cost?
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