Swift is an innovative new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.
Companies using Swift
How Swift is being used
  • NowKash

    #<User:0x000000000c713e30> NowKash

    WatchKit container

  • Sparq Events

    #<User:0x000000000c583228> Sparq Events

    Our iOS App is completely built in Swift. Still early adaptor, but a great language!

  • Refractal

    #<User:0x000000000c1c8638> Refractal

    Most of our newer apps are written completely in swift, with our older ones and some special cases using a mix of Swift and Objective-C, but with Swift 2, the language is pretty much a must-use. "guard" is <3.

  • SHOUTca.st

    #<User:0x000000000c146868> SHOUTca.st

    iOS app

  • Catloaf Software

    #<User:0x000000000c0e0d60> Catloaf Software

    Newer apps are being written with Swift instead of Objective-C.

  • Undisclosed

    #<User:0x000000000c043240> Undisclosed

    Getting ready to move parts of the app to Swift. Love the Playground.

  • Sbbxliu4 400x400

    #<User:0x000000000bc3d5b0> OurHood

    Native iOS application development.

  • Vaultize

    #<User:0x000000000b76fe48> Vaultize

    iOS apps.

  • TechBanx

    #<User:0x0000000009c32590> TechBanx

    Native iOS APP and Middleware with Swift Perfect.

  • std

    #<User:0x000000000984a9f0> std

    Swift on a way to fullstack - it is moving to the backend