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Greetings everyone. I ran a design studio for 8 years in which we designed mobile and web apps. I also lead development teams when our client asked us to carry out the development of the projects. I always had an interest in learning to code to help me understand what is going on on the dev side and also build small apps as a hobby. I tried several times to get on a learning path, but challenges always put me down, so I quit after a couple of weeks. I tried JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Objective-C.

Now I am retrying to teach myself Swift and especially SwiftUI for more than a month, and It's been going well so far. I want to build my own small apps, and I'm not focused on getting hired as a developer. I want to ask if it's the right language to start learning to program or should I learn something else first as a foundation. I'm currently taking a 100 days of code challenge and reading the Swift 5.3 PDF if I want to get more information on a specific topic. It feels like none of the stuff is sticking, but I'm not sure if it's the way it goes or my approach is wrong.

I would appreciate any kind of guidance. Thanks

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Mastering SwiftUI by Big Mountain Studio is a great reference manual.

A good way to practice is to spend a few days or weeks working on reading/learning. Then, try to build your own thing.

There’s so much in Swift and SwiftUI, it will a dozen apps before you become really good at it and even then, you’ll be often referring to Stack Overflow for help.

Also check out, that site is filled with relevant tutorials and books.

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Karem Ortiz
Karem Ortiz
January 6th 2021 at 4:11PM

Wow great tips Peter! I want to master react native for mobile development, im a junior looking for my first job after having done a 12 weeks bootcamp. It is very hard but I try to keep going:)


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