Get notified on visual changes of a website or website area

What is VisualPing?

VisualPing is a simple service for monitoring websites for changes. You'll recieve a notification when it detects any change in the content of the page. You can use it for price tracking, ticket & product availability checks, competition monitoring, or just to check your facebook-likes, twitter followers etc...

VisualPing is a tool in the Visual Website Monitoring category of a tech stack.

Who Uses VisualPing?

Why people like VisualPing

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VisualPing's Features

  • Enter the web address of a webpage and VisualPing will create a screenshot image of that page.
  • You can create a selection anywhere on that preview using your mouse. After this, select an notification trigger and a checking interval. Enter your email address at the bottom of the page to create your job.
  • Localized Google Search option
  • You can choose different triggers when VisualPing should send a notification. Tiny means 1% difference, medium means 10% difference and major is 25% difference.