GitHub's ops focused Elasticsearch library

What is Vulcanizer?

A golang library for interacting with an Elasticsearch cluster. It's goal is to provide a high level API to help with common tasks that are associated with operating an Elasticsearch cluster such as querying health status of the cluster, migrating data off of nodes, updating cluster settings, etc.

Vulcanizer is a tool in the Search Tools category of a tech stack.

Vulcanizer is an open source tool with 435 Github Stars and 24 Github Forks. Here’s a link to Vulcanizer's open source repository on Github

Why people like Vulcanizer

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Vulcanizer's Features

  • Go API
  • Command line application

Vulcanizer's alternatives

  • Mirage - GUI for writing Elasticsearch queries
  • Dejavu - A modern, open-source data browser for Elasticsearch
  • Elastic - Elasticsearch client for Go
  • Searchkit - React UI Components for Elasticsearch
  • Elassandra - Elasticsearch implemented on top of Cassandra

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