My Main Stack for AngularJS Projects

  • CDN for scripts.

  • Responsive design, typography, page layout structure, great components. Even better with AngularJS when paired with UI Bootstrap!

  • Live data binding and a superpowered MVC!

  • DOM manipulation and animation.

  • CDN for MANY javascript libraries.

  • Firebase is the perfect live data backend for my AngularJS projects. The AngularFire API allows a dev to work with synchronized data in a direct and understandable way. Database service of choice.

  • For centralizing personal webprojects so that I can reference, pull, and push my work from anywhere. Allows me to seamlessly keep all my projects accessible from my account and my main IDE.

  • I use node as my backend, since I know javascript but I do not know any real backend technologies, with a CLI that can make all kinds of magic happen behind the scenes.

  • I used JS to make things go!

  • My favorite code editor. So much power and elegance in one package, and more plugins than you can shake a stick at! And the Package Control package manager makes it easy to keep up with them all.

  • Favorite package manager for javascript libraries.

  • 2nd favorite package manager for javascript libraries after NPM.

  • I use gulp to power my build/minification flow, as well as for running a local livereload webserver while coding.

  • Version control system of choice.

  • This is my go-to when I can't use my IDE of choice (Sublime/Gulp workflow). Robust, accessible anywhere, and the free version gives me everything I need to get work done.