Tools for managing mobile applications, users, and devices during development, and beyond.

What is AppBlade?

AppBlade provides a platform that can manage mobile applications, users, and devices in one convenient tool. When connected to common tools (CI, GitHub, JIRA, BugZill, HipChat, and many more) AppBlade will completely automate the process of capturing builds, deploying them to devices, capturing feedback/crash reports/statistics, keeping applications updated, sending information back to other 3rd party tools, and removing applications from devices following testing.

AppBlade is a tool in the Device Management category of a tech stack.

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Why people like AppBlade

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use AppBlade.

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AppBlade's Features

  • crash reporting
  • in-app feedback
  • usage statistics
  • session tracking
  • ios app distribution
  • android app distribution
  • version management
  • release track management
  • single sign-on support
  • directory services support
  • mobile application management
  • mobile device management
  • automatic app updates
  • over the air app updates
  • device security
  • app security
  • beta testing
  • beta tester recruiting
  • 3rd party integrations
  • blackberry app distribution
  • OSX app distribution
  • Windows desktop app distribution
  • Linux app distribution
  • iOS device management
  • android device management
  • Linux device management
  • OSX device management
  • open-source SDK
  • phone/email/chat customer support
  • cloud hosted solution
  • on-premises solution

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