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What is Echo?

Echo is a fast and unfancy HTTP server framework for Go (Golang). Up to 10x faster than the rest.
Echo is a tool in the Microframeworks (Backend) category of a tech stack.
Echo is an open source tool with 16.2K GitHub stars and 1.5K GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Echo's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses Echo?

28 companies reportedly use Echo in their tech stacks, including Hepsiburada, tools, and Hazeorid.

58 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Echo.

Echo Integrations

Why developers like Echo?

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Echo

Echo's Features

  • Optimized HTTP router which smartly prioritize routes
  • Build robust and scalable RESTful APIs
  • Run with standard HTTP server or FastHTTP server
  • Group APIs
  • Extensible middleware framework
  • Define middleware at root, group or route level
  • Data binding for JSON, XML and form payload
  • Handy functions to send variety of HTTP responses
  • Centralized HTTP error handling
  • Template rendering with any template engine
  • Define your format for the logger
  • Highly customizable

Echo Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Echo?
Express is a minimal and flexible node.js web application framework, providing a robust set of features for building single and multi-page, and hybrid web applications.
Flask is intended for getting started very quickly and was developed with best intentions in mind.
Django REST framework
It is a powerful and flexible toolkit that makes it easy to build Web APIs.
Sinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort.
hapi is a simple to use configuration-centric framework with built-in support for input validation, caching, authentication, and other essential facilities for building web applications and services.
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