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Observability for serverless applications on AWS Lambda
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What is IOpipe?

Develop faster with realtime errors, metrics, logs, and profiling. Operate with confidence with monitoring and tracing for AWS Lambda based Serverless applications.
IOpipe is a tool in the Performance Monitoring category of a tech stack.

Who uses IOpipe?


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IOpipe Integrations

Node.js, Python, Slack, Java, and Go are some of the popular tools that integrate with IOpipe. Here's a list of all 6 tools that integrate with IOpipe.

Why developers like IOpipe?

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use IOpipe

IOpipe's Features

  • metrics
  • tracing
  • profiling
  • alerts
  • error aggregation
  • logs
  • realtime dashboard
  • weekly reports
  • Slack integration
  • PagerDuty integration
  • monitoring
  • error reporting
  • logging
  • metrics
  • analytics
  • serverless functions
  • AWS Lambda support
  • Serverless Framework support

IOpipe Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to IOpipe?
Dashbird gives full visibility into serverless architectures. Failure detection, monitoring and debugging capabilities for AWS Lambda and event sources. Get up and running in 5 minutes without any performance overhead or code changes.
New Relic
New Relic is the all-in-one web application performance tool that lets you see performance from the end user experience, through servers, and down to the line of application code.
Datadog is the leading service for cloud-scale monitoring. It is used by IT, operations, and development teams who build and operate applications that run on dynamic or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Start monitoring in minutes with Datadog!
Ruxit is a all-in-one performance monitoring solution for cloud natives. In under five minutes customizable dashboard views show you your application's performance data.
Librato provides a complete solution for monitoring and understanding the metrics that impact your business at all levels of the stack. We provide everything you need to visualize, analyze, and actively alert on the metrics that matter to you.
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