Observability for serverless applications on AWS Lambda

What is IOpipe?

Develop faster with realtime errors, metrics, logs, and profiling. Operate with confidence with monitoring and tracing for AWS Lambda based Serverless applications.

IOpipe is a tool in the Serverless / Task Processing category of a tech stack.

Who Uses IOpipe?

Why people like IOpipe

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use IOpipe.

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IOpipe's Features

  • metrics
  • tracing
  • profiling
  • alerts
  • error aggregation
  • logs
  • realtime dashboard
  • weekly reports
  • Slack integration
  • PagerDuty integration
  • AWS Lambda
  • Languages: Golang Python, Node.js, Java monitoring
  • error reporting
  • logging
  • metrics
  • analytics
  • serverless functions
  • AWS Lambda support
  • Serverless Framework support

IOpipe's alternatives

  • AWS Lambda - Automatically run code in response to modifications to objects in Amazon S3 buckets, messages in Kinesis streams, or updates in DynamoDB
  • Serverless - The most widely-adopted toolkit for building serverless applications
  • Cloud Functions for Firebase - Run your mobile backend code without managing servers
  • Google Cloud Functions - A serverless environment to build and connect cloud services
  • Azure Functions - Listen and react to events across your stack

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